Kesha Will Take the Stage at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards

There is nothing worse for an artist of any kind than to have your voice stolen.  Unfortunately, for singer-songwriter Kesha, this has been the tragic story of her music journey for far too long.  Early in Kesha’s career, she states that she was sexually assaulted by Dr. Luke and the legal battle that has evolved since she came forward with her true statement (earlier in her career she denied sexual advances from Dr. Luke – her lawyer states that’s because she was “under threat” by Dr. Luke at the time) have been just as awful as having her truth stolen in the beginning.

Earlier this week, news broke that her planned performance at the Billboard Music Awards was allegedly canceled due to Kesha “using her performance” to make a legal statement about her ongoing legal issues.  Fans were outraged at someone being able to tell Kesha that she could not perform, almost as if she was owned, and they took their unhappiness to social media.

Kesha took to Instagram with a post explaining her performance after it was pulled from the Billboard Music Awards line-up.

Today, May 19th, it was announced that Kesha would, in fact, be able to perform at the music awards after all and we could not be happier for her.  In the middle of a stressful and painful series of memories and an ongoing battle for freedom – this is a small victory for the talent who gets to pay honor to an artist she loves and do so in front of fans and other talented musicians who are standing in support of her through everything.

Kesha has not, through this entire situation, forgotten the voice that her fans use to support her when her own voice is compromised.  She, again, took to Instagram thanking her fanbase for their voice – saying they didn’t go unheard soon after news of her performance being back on broke.

We are looking forward to Kesha’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards and seeing the audience applaud her, not only for her talent, but her incredible show of strength.



Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.