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King Princess delivers yet another LGBT anthem

Well known now for LGBT rights and songs exploring lesbian relationships both happy and sad, King Princess – stage name of Mikaela Straus- has released one of her more risque songs entitled “Pussy is God.”

The song title says enough but Straus makes sure to really take it there with the lyrics “your pussy is God” and later in the verse, the tongue in cheek lyric, “I’ve been praying for hours.” While many artists express sexual encounters and desires, the queer representation for this is distinctly lacking. Straus breaks this norm in a big way.

The music video for “Pussy is God” was released Friday, Nov. 2 and features mostly green screen scenes of clouds symbolizing heaven with Straus and fellow band members as dancers. A hilarious mix of random objects hovering in the air over the green screen while Straus and others dance to the song makes for a rather interesting movie. One particular scene shows Jaira Miller flying through the air. Other dancers include Isabel Levin and Henry Metcalf.


In the video, Straus pushes limits even more when showing the visual of a presumably female performing fake cunnilingus on Straus for a brief second or two. Fans were quick to theorize and connect that it was Straus’ girlfriend, actress Amandla Stenberg, but nothing is confirmed as of now.  Going off that theory, there is significance that following the lyric “She’s God and I found her” is a clip of the girl with a red wig, thought to be Stenberg.

There is also a scene where a topless Mother Gay is playing the piano for a minute or two with dubious censoring.

“Pussy is God” plays off themes in the first single with producer Mark Ronson, “1950” which was also taken from Straus’ first EP “Make My Bed.” The song was accompanied by an intimate music video showcasing a queer couple, capturing the more innocent, and less public ways of queer expression that Straus attempted to honor in the song’s making.

King Princess presents a cool semi techno pop touch as seen in Straus’ other tracks in a new way with each track that is released. The undeniable queer messages in each track make for one of the best upcoming queer artists that will hopefully gain more-much deserved- mainstream media attention.

Unashamedly queer and freely expressing themselves, Straus also uses their platform gained through support by stars such as Harry Styles and Kourtney Kardashian, to talk about political issues. Even the act of being openly queer and singing about queer themes is an act of political expression, especially now.

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