Krept & Konan drop New Album

Krept & Konan drop New Album: The Long Way Home featuring chart-topper Freak of the Week

Krept & Konan drop New Album 3
Krept & Konan

Earlier this week duo Krept & Konan dropped their first studio album. Featuring the chart-topper, Freak of the week, the 16-track album has  collaborations with some of the music industries top artists. From rappers like Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross and hip-hop record producer Jeremih, to our favourite ginger, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. The album even features a special collaboration with Konan’s MUM!

This album definitely has the potential to climb the charts and has already the number 3 spot on I-tunes Charts and I don’t think it will stop there. Freak of the Week already has almost 5.5 million views on You Tube. The duo recently-rocked the Wireless Festival, drawing big crowds in the Pepsi Max Arena and were a huge hit!
Krept & Konan drop New Album 2

Watch the first video from the duo’s album in which they teamed up with ‘Don’t tell em’ singer Jeremih. It is definitely this summers big tune and with its super catchy beat you will have it stuck in your head in no time!

Written by CelebMix