Kyle Watson
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Kyle Watson Unleashes Intoxicating “Late Night Phone Call”

Multi-faceted UK-based producer Kyle Watson, who was born in South Africa, releases “Late Night Phone Call” via hau5trap.

Talking about the track, Kyle shares, “I worked on ‘Late Night Phone Call’ for ages, tweaking it over and over to get it to this point. I wanted to keep it really simple, with a groove and drums that had to be strong enough to pull the track energy along. The sense of anticipation in the buildups contrasts really well with the drops, so when that bassline pops back in after that memorable vocal sample it just seems to hit right every time.”

Kyle’s sound merges captivating sound design with compelling basslines and chunky drums. In 2015, Kyle’s music began to attract the attention of listeners in the U.S. and South America, leapfrogging him from the local South African music scene onto international stages.

With releases on big labels like Higher Ground, Realm, and Atlantic Records, with tracks such as “I Got You,” “Sides,” and “Magic Carpet” making a big impact, collectively amassing more than 19 million streams on Spotify.

“Late Night Phone Call” is Kyle’s debut release on deadmau5’s prestigious hau5trap. Support from big names such as Diplo, Chris Lake, and Gorgon City furnished Kyle with the gateway to perform to vast audiences in South America, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

“Late Night Phone Call” opens on a throbbing bassline and crisp, crunching percussion as shooting gushing layers of swirling colors jet across the soundscape, giving the harmonics a feeling of explosive latency. Brimming with potent leitmotifs and delicious drops, the tune delivers innovative sonic hues and brilliant vibrating accents.

Along with releasing “Late Night Phone Call,” Kyle will be performing across North America and at major festivals, including CRSSD, Ubbi Dubbi, and Lightning In A Bottle.

With “Late Night Phone Call,” Kyle Watson delivers colossal resonance, energetic coloration, and a subterranean rhythm.

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Written by Randy

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