Leah McFall Releases Her First Single Of 2018 Titled “Somber” Featuring Corey K

We have a brand new single from Leah McFall, released today, titled “Somber”. It is her first release of 2018 and sees her team up with Corey K. The song itself follows up her Ink EP which she released last year.

Leah McFall is best known for being on The Voice UK season two under will.i.am’s team, where she became the runner-up, after Andrea Begley. She had amazing success on the show, with her performances ranking highly on the UK charts. After the show, she released her debut single “Home” which featured will.i.am and had planned to release a debut album, but it got cancelled. Since then, she’s been releasing music independently which saw her drop singles “Wolf Den” and “Happy Human” as well as a unique version of the Christmas song “Silent Night“, leading up to her Ink EP. She then, independently, launched her INK Tour around the UK, where her shows in Manchester and Birmingham were sold out. Recently, she appeared in an episode of Stage School being a guest mentor in a one-off class. Now she’s released this new single “Somber” featuring Corey K, the first single from her forthcoming EP, which we hope will be out this year, and if another tour follows, we’ll be sure to attend.

As for Corey K, he’s starting out on his career. He is best known for being one-fifth of Birmingham group VSDN; and, he was a participant at the 2015 Red Bull Music Academy. His voice compliments Leah McFall’s voice perfectly adding a bit of spice into the awesome track.

Listen To Leah McFall’s New Single “Somber” Featuring Corey K Here:

Wow, this song is so emotional yet beautiful. Leah McFall dominates with her absolutely incredible voice – how is she not a global superstar yet? She nails this song in every way, enunciating every word in the lyrics to convey the emotion of the song. We know how amazing she is on stage and now we certainly need to hear this song live! Corey K has his own verse adding a male vocal to the track, spicing it up to the rooftop. He breaks up the song brilliantly and this collaboration really works.

As for the song itself, it hits us in the heart. This is going to relate to so many people. We feel that people in long-distance relationships might relate that little bit more as they never want to sleep when they’re spending the night with their partner, feeling sombre (or somber in American English / Leah McFall language) on the last night together, wishing they could stay in that moment forever. Other people may interpret it as heartbreak, as the last night with their lover before they part ways for good. It’s definitely one that chills us out at night, taking us away to a rooftop during a clear night sky, with Leah McFall and Corey K’s voices and words painting the skyline.

“Somber” is available to download and stream right now. If you’ve got the time we highly suggest you check out our EP review of Ink, as well as our gig review of her Birmingham show last year.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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