Liars Are Back: Season 6B

Lies, secrets, kidnapping, murder and surprises. That’s right! We’re back in Rosewood for season 6 of Pretty Little Liars. 

The Pretty Little Liars girls Hannah  (Ashley Benson), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Spencer ( Troian Bellisario), Aria (Lucy Hale) and Alison (Sasha Pieterse) are showing us what it’s like #5YearsForward.

We’re expecting a lot of unanswered questions to be answered finally in this season of PLL which airs tonight! The Liars must’ve moved on to bigger and better things, right? Wrong. They somehow all end up back in Rosewood and are still receiving cryptic messages.

Here’s are just a few of our favourite Pretty Little Liars moments.

Pretty Little Liars: Season 6B 1

1) Haleb Shower?

Hannah hiding with Caleb in the shower  when her mom came in to get her phone in Season one. Bless our poor Haleb hearts.

2) Bad Girl Spencer

Pretty Little Liars: Season 6B 1 The fact Spencer wasn’t the good girl character everyone thought she was. You expect her to be an honour roll student with good grades – which she is – but then you see her sneaking around with Mellissa’s boyfriends. Really Spence?

3) ‘Emily came out’

Emily officially coming out to her parents. This scene is so precious, it shows how hard it is to come out to your parents since you don’t know what the reactions going to be. Her parents weren’t exactly accepting, but the rest of the season shows how it gets better.

4)”Did you miss me?”

The biggest *GASP * moment in the whole series. The Liars finding out that Alison was actually alive this whole time and finally having the confirmation. That was one way to end Halloween off in Season 4.

5) Trouble in Paradise.

That time Mr.Fitz got arrested for being in a relationship with her. Okay, maybe it was just a daydream, but our hearts literally dropped in this scene.

8) The moms getting out of the basement.

Pretty Little Liars: Season 6B 1

I’m still trying to figure out who let them out in the middle of the whole of the Alison’s-supposed-brother-‘Charles’-was-actually-her-friend-or-supposed-friend-Cece malarkey.

9) Mona

Pretty Little Liars: Season 6B 2

After seasons of trying to figure out if Mona was good or bad, then finally learning to trust her only for A to “kill her” and leave us heartbroken she comes back as a ghost to Ali on Christmas.

10) The Final Reve-Al

After a very confusing 5 Seasons and a lot of ‘almosts’ and red coats, we finally got to find out who out who A was and shockingly, it was not that shocking. It was Cece all along!

Pretty Little Liars: Season 6B 2

“Pretty Little Liars” returns tonight on ABC Family 8 pm|7 c, don’t forget to tune in!

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