Liz Kennedy Launches Makeover Series Focused on Quick Transformations

After a successful career as an on-air Beauty Expert, Liz Kennedy is taking her TV makeovers and going digital. Drawing from her impressive stint as a host and producer of her makeover segment on The Steve Harvey show, Kennedy is producing a new type of makeover show that is more modern focusing on quick transformation. Liz’s pivot towards a digital series aired on social media is on-brand with the way she’s been adapting with the times, adopting hot trends, and embracing new platforms.

Despite a long and lucrative career in the beauty industry, Kennedy has grown her audience at an exponential rate by meeting consumers where they are at. Liz drew upon her professional experience from her time on television as well as in the beauty industry to help grow her social platforms; now Liz is making waves on Youtube and Instagram with her newest digital endeavor. ‘Blow Up or Glow Up’ is the popular new IGTV show hosted by Liz where women receive a quick, but substantial makeover including but not limited to hair, clothing, makeup, and non-invasive procedures. Not only is this new show conductive to social distancing and safe filming during COVID-19, but this show also allows celebrity hair and makeup artists to show off their talent.

By incorporating her followers, and the followers of her expert team, as a fundamental part of each episode, Liz is able to drive engagement in her content. Liz realized she had a hit when followers kept asking for more videos of makeovers and transformations. By giving her followers a digital makeover series, fans no longer have to tune into tv to watch a transformation but can watch at their discretion. Further, viewers want to watch quick transformations that are still educational, which is exactly what she provides. By honoring her most engaging followers with the content they have asked for, Liz is bound to continue to increase her reach.

Written by CelebMix