Loïc Nottet Releases New Single And Music Video “29”

Continuing on his new era Loïc Nottet has released a brand new single, titled “29”. The Belgium Eurovision 2015 representative has been an undeniable force in the music industry over the past couple of years and his fans have been excited about this brand new era. This new single follows up his previous track “On Fire“.

Loïc Nottet is best known for representing Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song “Rhythm Inside”, where he placed fourth with 217 points. Prior to Eurovision, he was a contestant on the third season of The Voice Belgique, where he came second; as for after Eurovision, he was a contestant on the sixth season of Danse avec les stars (the French version of Dancing With The Stars / Strictly Come Dancing), where he went on to win the show. He dropped his debut album Selfocracy in March 2017 which gained critical acclaim and was also named as one of our favourite albums of 2017. Now, he’s on fire with a brand new era, with the first single “On Fire” and this brand new release, “29”.

The song has been written by Loïc Nottet and Sacha Skarbek whilst it was produced by the latter. As for the music video, it was directed by Julien Hosmalin and produced by LEFT Productions. “29” is much more commercial than “On Fire” and has potential to do much better than his previous single, having said that it’s not quite as great as his previous releases from the Selfocracy album.

Watch Loïc Nottet’s Music Video To “29” Here:

What can’t be denied is Loïc Nottet’s incredible lyricism, he has flooded the song with emotion and easily told a story within the words he is singing. Pair that with his astronomical voice that conveys every single flicker of emotion he has ever felt; that is what truly makes “29” an awesome song. Every listener can hear the hurt but also the love he has for the person the song is dedicated to. It’s a highly personal song – which we expect nothing less from this talented singer-songwriter – that really showcases the upcoming era. The song’s lyrics suggest that moment where a relationship ends, it’s what’s best for the both of them and at the same time they still have feelings for one another.

As for the music video, it really manages to construct a narrative from the song, centralising around a Mercedes-Benz car. We start off with Loïc Nottet in the driving seat of the car, with his on-screen lover in the passenger seat, who is looking out the window at the rain that’s pouring down. The next scene sees the Mercedes suspended in mid-air, with them sitting on either side of the car – one on the boot and one on the bonnet. Loïc Nottet is sitting on the bonnet and at one moment turns around and climbs over to her side, but the car doesn’t make it easy for him tilting against him, creating a steep incline. He soon gives up and she attempts to do the same, this time the car tilts her way and makes it difficult for her. She actually manages to reach Loïc Nottet and cuddles him. They soon end up on either side again, and they both attempt to meet in the middle but Loïc Nottet loses his balance and in a matter of a few hanging seconds he ends up falling down and away from the woman he was in a relationship with. The final scene sees Loïc Nottet inside the car, by himself. The music video is a brilliant metaphor regarding the end of a relationship and it’s simply interesting to watch.

“29” is available to download and stream right now, via Sony Music Entertainment France.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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