Loki is Back as Tom Hiddleston Dons Wig for UNICEF Video

Tom Hiddleston has appeared in a new UNICEF video, donning his famous Loki wig and talking about UNICEF’s work in Guinea, particularly about #EmergencyLessons.

The actor has been involved in a lot of charity work and has long been a supporter of the humanitarian and developmental assistance fund group UNICEF.

He has always donated his talent and fame to fundraise, educate and advocate on behalf of this charity. He constantly raises awareness about the needs of children who are living in poverty.

In early 2013, he travelled to Guinea in order to help women and children as well as raise awareness about the hunger and malnutrition that plagues their communities.

Check out the video where he packs his essentials for the 2013 trip:


This time he was coming to us from a dressing room on the set of Thor 3: Ragnarok in Australia where is reprising his role as the trickster and ‘brother’ of Thor; Loki.

He talked about a recent UNICEF video which was filmed in Guinea, which featured friends M’mah & Adamah who both survived an Ebola outbreak.

You can check out that video here:

For M’mah and Adamah, school was life-saving to them. During the Ebola outbreak, important information about the disease was discussed in school and via the radio. When the schools closed down temporarily, their classes continued via radio which allowed them to safely continue their education.

Talking about favourite school activities, Hiddleston says that his favourite activity was acting out in school plays which is obvious as he now acts for a living! While speaking, he starts the process of becoming the trickster god, Loki.

All gifs taken from: www.tomhiddleston-gifs.tumblr.com

While becoming Loki, he urges us to use the hashtag: #EmergencyLessons to continue the discussion and talk about our own favourite school activites.

Check out the full video:

He joins Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth who are both reprising their roles as The Hulk and Thor in Thor: Ragnarok.

We last saw Loki in Thor: The Dark World so we are very excited that he is finally coming back!

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