Loki the Oscar Winner?

Tom Hiddleston’s highly anticipated Hank Williams biopic, “I Saw the Light,” has an official release date!

Get ready Hiddlestoners, because the movie is set to hit theaters on November 27th, making it a great film for Oscar contention.

“I Saw the Light” is the story of legendary country-Western singer Hank Williams, who rose to stardom with hits like “Lost Highway,” Lovesick Blues,” and “Move It on Over.”

Williams, born in 1923, was introduced to country stardom post-World War II, and died at the tender age of 29 from heart failure.

Joaquin Phoenix received an Oscar nomination for his spot-on portrayal of Johnny Cash in “Walk the Line,” and it’s safe to say that Oscar judges are fans of biopics.

Could Hiddleston receive his Oscar nod for this role?

“I Saw the Light” opens on November 27th.


Written by CelebMix