Loreen Releases Her Second Studio Album “Ride”

Let’s be honest, this album has been a long-time coming. We’ve been waiting for this ever since Loreen won the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. Finally, after a five-year wait, Loreen has released her second studio album, titled “Ride”; and, we’re so ready for this journey.

If you’re expecting this new album to be anything like her 2012 debut “Heal”, then you’ll be sorely mistaken. Five years certainly make quite the difference, and although there are some brilliant dance-worthy tracks, they’re more experimental than anything else. Loreen may have won Eurovision with “Euphoria”, but this album proves she can seriously bring a euphoric set of tracks.

There are ten tracks on the album, with the singles being “’71 Charger” and “Hate The Way I Loved You“. Previously she released an EP in promotion of this album, this EP was titled “NUDE” and consisted of three tracks “Body”, “Jungle” in collaboration with Elliphant, and “Ocean Away”.

As a collection, it’s quite a dream-like trance album that totally makes every listener drift far away. “Dreams” and “Jupiter Drive” add dark depths, whilst “I Go Ego” and “Love Me America” brings something new to the table.

This is one of those albums that you’ll have in the background as you do some task you’re not so keen on doing. It has a momentum that encourages you to keep going. Her vocals are powerful, managing to completely stun us with “’71 Charger“, “Ride”, and “Heart On Hold”.

She also manages to impress us with the last track, which is “’71 Charger (Strings Bonus Track)”. It adds something new to our favourite song on the album. What a way to end the whole LP.

Listen To Loreen’s New Album “Ride” Here:

If anything, this album shows how much Loreen is prepared to change our ideals when it comes to music. Her experimental pop sound really takes a whole new musical path, that we’ve never journeyed down before. Yet, here we are, and we have a special love for this sound and album. We’re excited for what this Swedish pop star does next.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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