Luke Hemmings’ 20 Best SLFL Moments So Far!

5SOS lead singer Luke Hemmings’ birthday is only days away and in celebration, we’re taking a look back at him lighting up the stage this year. For the better part os 2016, the boys in 5 Seconds of Summer have been playing to fans all over the world. Kicking off their Sounds Lives Feels Live tour back in February, they’ve checked off Asia, Europe, and the UK so far.

Unsurprisingly, Hemmo is blowing our minds every night so to show our appreciation, here are 20 of our favourite Luke moments of SLFL so far!

20. The resurrection of the Weezer shirt

Lucky Munich! With any luck the Weezer shirt will live forever.

19. Pre-show puppy filter

We’re pretty sure the puppy filter was made for Luke Hemmings to wear.

18. The Chasing Cars cover


17. Waste The Night, every night


16. When he proudly showed off his Spanish skills

The necessities, of course.

15. Trading in his guitar for a drum kit


14. When he got down on one knee


13. “I didn’t even say anything yet!”


12. The intimate relationship he has with his guitar


11. The first time we heard If You Don’t Know

The fandom wide meltdown when he nailed those vocals!

10. The introduction of his golden guitar


9. And the golden boots to match

Luke Hemmings' 20 Best SLFL Moments So Far! 1

8. The Castaway solos


7. His teary eyed appreciation of the Mansfield fan project


6. Haley Williams Hemmings’ surprise appearance


5. When he instigated a 5SOS pile up


4. Getting carried away


3. How he’s always looking out, even mid-show

A fan fainted during the show while the boys were on tour in Asia and, ever the sweetheart, Luke stopped playing to ensure she was helped.

2. His Vapor vocals


1. All those times he showed us how amazed and grateful he is to be living his dream

We certainly are proud of everything Luke’s achieved in his mere 20 years! Happy Birthday Hemmo1996, here’s to many more!

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Written by CelebMix