Made In the A.M. : A CelebMix Collab Review

As you probably know, writers here at CelebMix totally dig One Direction. This past weekend the band released their final album, Made In The A.M., before their hiatus. Without a shadow of a doubt this album is one of their best albums yet. With 17 new beats to fangirl over, we decided to collaborate on a review of Made In The A.M. and fangirl together. See what we as fans and writers think about each track and join us in celebrating One Direction’s best album yet!


Hey Angel

Rachel: I was really excited for this one and it proved be worth it. After Harry’s multiple tweets of the lyrics, I expected it to be a ballad but it’s a more up tempo song with a different sound than expected from these boys. Definitely a single worthy song!

Meghan: As the opening song for the album I was way excited to hear this track, and to be quite honest I was surprised with it- in a good way! Some fans tweeted saying “Hey Angel” is similar to “Clouds” on the past album Four, and in a way it is, but it’s not. The lyrics show a ballad but the chords sing a rock song. It’s gorgeous yet funky in its own way- something that One Direction has done with the entire album.

Chalotorn: I would say this song is one of the most anticipated song out of the entire album, possibly because Harry keeps tweeting about it. To my surprise, “Hey Angel” is more of an upbeat song, I was really expecting a ballad with this one due to the lyrics Mr.Styles tweeted out but nope! Even with the first track, they manage to surprise us. My favourite part could possibly be when Liam and Louis harmonize. Hands down one of the best Lilo moments ever!


Drag Me Down (Single)

Chalotorn: Where do I start? I could see why they picked this as their first single for Made In The A.M. It is so dang catchy! From the bass from the band to the vocals of the boys, even if you’re not a fan, you can’t help yourself but jam to it. A lot of my friends who are not a fan of One Direction love “Drag Me Down” because it was showing signs of them growing up as a band. People dig this! I mean who wouldn’t? Can we also talk about Harry’s run? That run literally dragged me down. Overall, great song!

Jade: Two words, “Nobody, Nobody”. “Drag Me Down” was the first single to be released from the album and featured the guys working with NASA in the music video. It’s got that beat that makes you feel quite literally on top of the world. Not only that but it definitely set the scene for their new material. It’s got a more rock edge and is far from their pop material from Up All Night.

Meghan: I remember the first time I listened to the single and it was so different. It was strong and hard-hitting. Niall’s solos caught my attention the most; his voice carried the song into the chorus and I absolutely loved it! One of my favorite singles they’ve ever dropped tbh.

Yatz: Their best first-single, it has such a strong and different sound, it’s amazing. Harry’s high notes at the end are my favorite part, iconic.

Perfect (Single)

Meghan: Even though we already think they’re perfect, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Harry sing the idea “if you like to do whatever you’ve been dreaming about, baby you’re perfect” in this upbeat single. Not only do they want us to do what we love, they want us to feel perfect as individuals while doing what we love. Cue the tears.

Rachel: It’s got such a good sound for the band’s progress from Four into MITAM. It’s one of those songs that could’ve been in Four but has the new and improved One Direction sound. I could listen to Harry saying “rendezvous” my whole life.

Chalotorn: “Perfect” is such a fun song to listen to when you’re in the car and you’re just hanging out with your friends or loved ones. It speaks a lot on careless love in a way, “if you like midnight driving..” lyric is a great example of just doing whatever they want to do because they know they’ll have a great time. Plus the music video for this is perfection! Overall, a great upbeat song to listen to!

Yatz: I was so happy when the music video was released, Sophie Muller is one of my favorite directors ever. It’s sticky and very pop, some people aren’t happy about the single choice, but I think it’s pretty good.

Jade: Harry gets me everytime when he says “rendezvous”. Though it is a slow song it is still very upbeat, and when you get down to listening to the lyrics it’s the guys telling you that regardless of your situation you’re still perfect.


Chalotorn: “Infinity” describes my love for these boys. I don’t know how I can properly type right now because the lyrics are so beautiful and I get chills everytime I listen to it. Every single word sang was meant to be there. I have nothing else to say other than a great great piece of music. One of my favourites yet!

Rachel: Can we just talk about “how many nights does it take to count the stars? That’s how long it takes to fix my heart”. That lyric itself is so beautiful and meaningful. Kudos to who wrote that lyric, honestly stunning.

Jade: Although not my top favourites, I can definitely appreciate good lyrics and marvel at the genius of the picture they paint.


End Of The Day

Lauren: First things first, “End of The Day” opens with the classic One Direction clap to the beat, which gives it a light, cute, peppy feel. Harry opens the song, depicting a one sided romance with the lyrics “I told her that I loved her, was not sure if she heard.” Later on, during the chorus, the lyrics “…Is you want what you want and you say what you say / and you’ll follow your heart even though it’ll break” introduces the main themes of this tune; you can’t ignore love, no matter how hard you try, and ‘what is done is done’. The lyrics themselves are very expressive and meaningful which gives the song more depth and story. Of course, Louis delivers in own solo, yet again, with an accompanying high note, which left fans in awe. The song, overall, is about following your heart and declaring your love no matter what – even if it breaks your heart – and at the end of the day, what is done is done.

Rachel: The song sets a good feel from the outset with the clap and the sweet vocals of Mr.Styles, then it quickly moves to the chorus. The song alone is beautiful, however the chorus and verse are different from each other and they really don’t go too well. However the song’s message is beautiful and it’s a great song to feel good.

Yatz: “You love who you love”, yes, my boys, that’s right. It first reminded me of some fun. songs, specially because of the beat difference between verses and chorus, it’s surprising and hits you, but you like it so much you end up loving the song.

Jade: A good clap never hurt anyone. Perfect song and they all sound great. One of my favourites because they all harmonise so well. This will be on repeat for the foreseeable future if only to hear Niall sing “I set you on fire babe // And down came the lightning on me”.

Chalotorn: What an addictive song! “Just me, her and the moon.” I can’t stop singing along to this song because the beat is so catchy! I talked to an update account before and she described “End of the Day” as two songs in one, which I totally agree with. The chorus is very different from the verses and some believe that it doesn’t flow well with the song but I think that’s what makes it unique. That’s how the song is memorable to me and I think it’s kind of cool how they chose to display the song like that. Another thing, Louis’ high note! Remember when we used to make petitions so he could have more solos, well look at our baby now. I think I passed out and came back alive when I heard that high note. Bless One Direction (and this isn’t even half of the album yet!)


If I Could Fly

Rachel: The first ballad in the song and it’s a serious tear jerker. Harry’s vocals are left quiet with his tone pushing through and the change into Louis’ voice is honestly memorizing as they are both so diverse. The beautiful lyrics with the strings and piano create for the perfect ballad. It is one of their best songs vocally, we could see it being used in next year’s John Lewis Christmas Ad.

Yatz: Such an amazing piece, and it’s definitely my favorite. The strings add so much feeling and it’s simply beautiful, the boys’ voices are in point all the time, and when they harmonize it feels like heaven. A great love song, maybe one of their best. The chorus is just so good, I’m deeply in love with the “For your eyes only” tune. You know, when you listen to an album for the very first time and certain song starts playing, and you just know this is the song, the one that will be your favorite. Yes, that happened to me.

Chalotorn: Tip: Do not listen to this song when you’re alone and are thinking back to the old days because I can guarantee you, you will be a crying mess. The vocals and lyrics together are just unbelievable. They manage to top themselves every single song and it’s incredible to watch and listen throughout the years as a fan. I cannot explain how much this song makes me feel, I’m completely speechless. All I can say is beautiful job One Direction. You manage to make me love you more and more everyday. If I have to recommend a song to someone who isn’t a fan to listen to just one song from them, I would chose “If I Could Fly.”


Long Way Down

Rachel: The opening with the steady beat and Niall’s soft low voice is so perfectly mixed and then when it pushes into the chorus you can imagine an arena full of fans swaying from side to side watching their idols sing their hearts out.

Chalotorn: The lyrics sung are so beautiful. I’m quite speechless about this song because it reminds me of anything and everything. It makes me think of all the things we talk about when looking at fantasy vs. reality. “We’ve found an island, but we got stranded,” it’s as if they’re talking about how there will always be something bad with the good. This song also reminds me of Zayn somewhat. “I try to forgive you, but I struggle cause I don’t know how.” Many people were so hurt and didn’t understand the actions Zayn took and so I felt that it could possibly remind some people of him because it definitely did for me. Personally to me, I was a Zayn girl and I guess I still am and it took me months to fully acknowledge he won’t be in the band anymore and I was just upset with everything. I was mad at him but then I told myself I couldn’t, which then made me mad at myself. All in all, I love this song, and so should you!


Never Enough

Jade: Praising hands emoji This is my favourite song from the album, excluding singles released. When I first heard it all I could imagine was Billy Ocean’s “Going Gets Tough”, and whilst they might have subconsciously drawn inspiration from it like all artists do, I can definitely hear One Direction shine through. Their vocals are on point as are the lyrics.

Rachel: This is far from One Direction’s usual sound, if it wasn’t for Liam opening it i would have no clue who’s song this was. It’s a mix of several different sounds which make for a great song. The screaming of “Come on” (We expect is by Harry?) really makes us want to stand up and sing this song on the top of our lungs.

Meghan: I honestly lost it at 1am when “Never Enough” came on. I remember the lyrics for this song being leaked awhile back when the guys were on tour and I thought it was a ballad song, but I was so wrong. The beat immediately comes on and grabs your attention and I couldn’t help but dance to this jam. What a different piece for them to sing but in the end this song is my absolute favorite off the album. Top notch guys.

Yatz: I have mentioned Harry’s voice before, but with this song I just thought, “man, I wish I could print his voice and put it on every wall of my house and work place”, for real.

Chalotorn: I can’t even with this song. Literally, from the beginning beats, it just screams out Niall to me. I can see why Niall loves this song so much. I can honestly see this song as a single, because it is just super fun and who wouldn’t want to hear this on the radio? The “come on” makes me feel so many things all at once. It makes me want to jump out my window and run back into my run to do that all over again. In a non-violent way as possible (hahaha).



Rachel: Olivia is a up tempo track that takes you back a bit with its preppy feel. The whole song is full of happy lyrics about young love. It makes us wonder, who is Olivia and why they live and long for her? We bet every 1d fan called Olivia is over the moon.

Yatz: The “I love you, I love you, I love you” part before the chorus is so cool, I like this song very much. The bridge reminds me of the intro of “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond.

Chalotorn: So after listening to Olivia, I think I’m going to change my name to that now, haha. This song is very cheery and youthful and generally very cute. I was most surprised with Niall in this song. I mean the “I love you, I love you, I love you” part that Niall sang, we can hear his deep voice that we usually don’t hear. Then Louis’ high note I believe, that was unexpected but it clearly shows them crying out for this love they’re looking for. I also really enjoyed the muffle talk in the beginning and end of the song. It adds this (I can’t find the right words to describe it) humbleness possibly. To those whose name is Olivia, lucky you!

Jade: Feeling a Haim vibe from this one. It’s such a happy and cheery song that makes you want to shout about Olivia from the rooftops even if you don’t know someone named Olivia. We got a sneak peak listen of this from Liam in a Twitter video so know I can only ever picture him singing to the camera saying “I love you, I love you, I love you.”


What a Feeling

Rachel: It has a old school dance feel to it in the chorus, something you would hear in those cheesy dance films your parents would show you. It really is a great song with its lyrics telling you to not hold back. This is one that will play through your mind all night.

Sandra: This song has a great tune wich makes me wanna start a slow dance with the partner I don’t have whilist I hold a glass of red wine and at the same time we dedicate deep and meaningful words to each other under the moonlight.

Yatz: Oh wow, this has such an “oldie” sound, so 80’s, one of my favorites. When I first heard it I couldn’t help but think of bands like Boston, I’m so happy One Direction are doing things so different.

Chalotorn: The “Fireproof” of Made In The A.M! This song is very calming to listen to especially the lyrics when all of them sing together in the chorus. I don’t know why but for some reason I would really love to hear this song while it rains. Yes usually when it rains, people want to listen to more of the blues type of music but it really could calm someone if the storm hits and it makes you think about life and everything in general. This is a great song to listen to when you’re doing independent work or genuinely trying to make you think of deep thoughts. I am so impress with this song and album it’s indescribable.


Love You Goodbye

Meghan: The tears continued to fall during Love You Goodbye. The guys want the love to continue while you want to end it; in the end they just want one more night with you. Honestly I bawled while listening to this song for the first time. They lyrics are so raw and real- it hurts to lose the one we love and the situation described in this song happens often in reality. I’m so proud of the guys and how far their lyrics have come- they’ve gone through some tough times and it shows through these songs.

Sandra: This slow and emotional song talks about that forbidden love. You, or both, know that it’s over but you keep trying one more time. You’re running out of time,hoping that at least it’s gonna be a happy ending between the two of you.

Rachel: This song is another emotional one, so you are warned. It’s a beautiful piece about a love gone astray and we can definitely relate. Louis’ voice shows progression with a short high note. The beat is nice and steady. Great song all round

Chalotorn: My poor heart can’t handle this much emotion in a song. Knowing that Louis pour his heart out lyrically and vocally in this song just makes me want to relate to it even more. I’ve never experienced love in a relationship before and listening to this makes me feel like I am in his/their shoes when it comes to being in love. I don’t even know what to say because I’m so emotional right now. I’d also like to mention Louis’ short high note though, it broke my heart. Just another great ballad!


I Want To Write You A Song

Lauren: “I Want to Write You a Song” is an acoustic classic. It’s about the wants in love and what you wish you could do. It’s a very heartfelt and emotional song but that’s what makes it meaningful

Rachel: “I Want To Write You A Song” is the kind of song childhood sweethearts would sing to each other. It is beautifully lyric wise and with only a guitar supporting the boys through most of it, you can really hear the power in the boy’s voices. Louis carries the chorus through. The song is very peaceful and sweet. It’s the perfect little love song.

Meghan: Imagine sitting on a picnic blanket with your fav of 1D- he pulls out his guitar and sings this song to you. That’s “I Want to Write You a Song”; Niall even sings “i want to write you a song, one to make your heart remember me, so anytime im gone you can hear my voice and sing along.” They write songs for us so that while they’re gone we can have a piece of them always.

Yatz: Can they do more acoustic songs, please? “I want to build you a boat, one as strong as you are free” this is like a love song, but with certain innocent vibe, almost like the love-version of “We Are Going to be Friends” by The White Stripes, with lovely strings. I’m in love with this song.

Chalotorn: “I Want to Write You a Song,” more like I want to breakdown and cry! I never knew I needed this song until I heard it. It is one of my top three favourites in Made in The A.M because the concept of the song is so simple but the lyrics are so powerful. You can clearly tell that the boys wanted everyone to focus on the lyrics as there’s only the guitar that’s going along with the vocals. Louis supporting the chorus honestly breaks my heart. He just adds that extra oomph to the song making it more haunting yet sweet and gentle. Liam did such a great job writing this song, I applaud him so much for this. Plus if you listen closely to the song, you can hear scribbling, as if someone’s writing. I think that is so cool, making as if the person (in this case Liam), is thinking of the song and trying to write about it at the same time. I love love love love this song!



Rachel: History has a great beat and is extremely catchy. It’s like Act My Age Part 2 with its “pub” feeling. Liam carries the chorus which is the perfect vocal for this type of song. Those boys are honestly the greatest team the world has ever seen.

Chalotorn: I totally agree with Rachel, it is like “Act My Age” Part 2! The clapping in this song is insanely catchy. I can imagine this being played after midnight and going out, singing at the top of our lungs, just dancing around. Another great song to show the love between the boys and their fans. I could also imagine an entire stadium singing along with the boys and them singing to us, just swaying around and it’s just great!

Yatz: I like the verse’s tune so much, seriously, it’s like country and blues. I wish I could say more about “History”, but I can’t put it in words. Can’t even explain why I like it so much, but I absolutely fell in love from the first line.


Temporary Fix

Lauren: This song gives me the Midnight Memories kind of vibe, totally the song that’ll be loved live. The instrumental gets you dancing and swaying, against your will, truly a magnificent song.  

Rachel: Temporary fix gives us the feel of “No Control” and “She Not Afraid” having a baby. It’s definitely a favorite in the album and will be one that is screamed out at concerts. A great feel to it.

Meghan: Let’s just say they’re songs are getting a more dirty feel to them. Temporary Fix is definitely a concert song- the pop/rock guitar along with the scream-singing will be a hit when they tour next.

Yatz: My best friend heard this song first, and told me it sounds a lot like Neon Trees. I couldn’t have said it better; it makes me wanna dance and jump and sing out loud. Sorry but I think the bonus tracks of this album are waaaaay better than the ones of Four.

Chalotorn: “No Control” 2.0 here comes “Temporary Fix”! Super, super catchy, I don’t think anyone can ignore this song even if they try. No doubt, this would definitely sound good live. I’m still trying to process this song because it makes me get the butterflies and I feel all giggly (someone please help me). The chorus is boom, bam, pow is all I can say. “Temporary Fix” gives out a very much rock/pop vibe, supported by a scream like near the bridge/ending which throws back us to “Midnight Memories.” Also when they sing together in the chorus, how can we even ignore that, I’m just- I love this song so much! These boys definitely know how to make us feel things alright.

Jade: This is the “No Control” of “Made In The A.M.” easily. Whilst not as obvious with the lyrics on the surface, when you think about it you realise what big flirts the boys are being. Lyrics like “We can moan in the darkness // Let me touch you where your heart is.” They’ve matured as boys and it’s clear to see in this song.


Walking in the Wind

Rachel: Walking in the wind is a very beautiful song about someone they’ve lost. It could possibly be about Zayn but we are unsure. What we do know is this is an extremely meaningful song with its mesmerizing lyrics. Holding back the tears for this one.

Chalotorn: Can we just give it up to the music in this song? It’s incredible, the guitar, vocals and just everything! Some people are saying it could be about Zayn, which I could see especially in the verses. “I realized you were missing,” this reminded me of what Liam said during one interview on why he didn’t look to the camera because he thought Zayn was there. Honestly though, this album has a lot of insurance and confirmation about them as a band. This meaning that they have stated many times they will come back after the hiatus and they’re guaranteeing us with this album. They will always be right there when we need them, and I think that’s just very beautiful way to know. I feel like with this song, the message is that whenever you miss someone or something, listen to this song and appreciate the things you did together and everything will be okay. Also, can we just appreciate the fact Harry said ‘child.’ I mean I am all in, I will be his child if he’d like.

Meghan: “Walking In The Wind” is definitely in my top five for this album. The flow of the song is gorgeous and Niall’s voice in the beginning sweeps me off my feet every time I turn it on. Their voices blend so well in this song and it rises and falls just like the wind; a gorgeous track I’ll never forget.



Lauren: “Wolves” is a skippy, light hearted, joyful song with an excellent beat

Rachel: This makes us back to that one behind the scenes where Harry called Liam “Wolfy”. It’s a feel good song, it could even fit into “Midnight Memories”. The ‘howls’ gave us heart trouble.

Meghan: “Wolves” tells the story of a girl stuck in a bar looking for help, obviously 1D comes to the rescue. They “won’t go down without a fight” as the chorus sounds like wolves calling in the distance. This is another top track for me on the album- a super catchy beat that always get stuck in my head.  

Chalotorn: Another cute song I can’t get myself over. I feel like it’s a continuous story from “Olivia” or somewhere along those lines. Once again, I’m speechless. I don’t understand how every song is so good! I can’t stop singing along to the chorus. I did expect it to be a bit of a faster pace though, I don’t even know why, but this is definitely much better than my expectation! The bridge plus high note equals my life. Wow, my brain is totally off right now because the song is consuming me. Pure beauty, bravo boys!

Jade: “Wolves” is such a cute song with a really strong chorus that gets stuck in your head.



Rachel: “AM” is a sweet song with the quiet acoustic supporting the verse before kicking into a soft beat for the chorus. It’s a very pretty song with so much maturity in it, reminding you these boys aren’t the same bubble gum Pop 16, 17, 18 year olds that they used to be.

Chalotorn: I was very much looking forward to this song ever since the snippet came out. Something about it caught my attention immediately. The chorus catches my attention as it’s the starter of the song. A great album closer! I remembered the first time I listened to it, I just bawled my eyes out. I couldn’t contain myself. Everything about this song is beautiful. I can’t describe to you how much this song means to me honestly. “You know I’m always coming back to this place,” another great example of reassurance the boys have for us. It was a very wise decision to put this last because it really does make us, the listener ask for more. I felt super empty when the song ended because I didn’t know what else I was suppose to feel. I felt like my heart and emotions were poured out along with the song. Definitely one of my favourite! Made in The A.M is such an amazing album, it is hard to ever criticize it. Great work, I’m glad this is what they’re leaving us with before their hiatus. If you don’t have the album or if you haven’t listened to it yet….. well why haven’t you?!? You definitely need to!

Yatz: I hate final songs on albums that I like, they always leave me sad. It feels like the amazing journey of this album just ended, and you’re waving goodbye to all these wonderful sounds. “All my favourite conversations, always made in the A.M.” I wish I could marry the chorus. It’s very nostalgic and so beautiful, it makes me wanna cry of just how beautiful it is. I can finally say this could be maybe their best album, I’m so proud of my boys, looking forward to whatever comes next.


Made In The A.M. has definitely left an impact on fans and will be an album that lasts forever. What are your thoughts on the One Direction’s newest album? Comment below or tweet us at @CelebMix!


Writers on this collaboration:

Yatz V.

Lauren Thomson (@struckbytommo)

Chalotorn Khoungrasvongsay (@ChaliWhali)

Jade C Seebaran (@jadeeosaurr)

Rachel Andrews (@cuddlyliam)

Sandra Gonzalez Hito (@stykol_)

Meghan Freeze (@meghanf19)


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