ManyFew Release Brand New Single “My House”

We have a brand new single from ManyFew, titled “My House”, which continues to show that this DJ duo are meant to be in the music industry, as this is a track we can’t stop listening to. The song follows up previous track, “Ibiza” which featured Twiggy.

ManyFew are a Swedish production duo consisting of brothers Jacob Andersson and Victor Andersson. They launched big when they teamed up with Otto Orlandi on the track “Don’t Miss You” which featured Melanie Fontana; it has gained over 2 million Spotify streams. Since then, they’ve been building up their music careers with the help of featured singer Twiggy for tracks such as “Feel Good”, “Where To Go“, and “How Would You Know“. We even managed to interview ManyFew back in January where we discussed the “Where To Go” single, working with Twiggy, and their releases in 2018. Now that they’ve dropped “My House”, these two brothers are proving they are a DJ duo you do not want to miss out on.

This brand new single sounds gentle at first as the strong vocal dominates on the track before the addicting typical ManyFew chorus kicks in. The lyrics are very sombre whilst suggesting “if you want to see misery, come to my house, my house, if you want to see jealousy, see through my house”, but then energised synths and an undeniable infectious melody builds and builds before it crescendos into an uplifting dance-worthy track. This is just a stunning production piece, allowing ManyFew to stamp their way into the music industry. Considering the songs they’ve been releasing recently, they are certainly set to go viral soon!

Listen To ManyFew’s New Single “My House” On Spotify Here:

“My House” is available to download and stream right now through Disco Fries’ label Liftoff Recordings. We can’t wait to see what they release next.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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