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Matt McGorry speaks up on racism once again

As if we didn’t already love Matt McGorry enough for his stellar acting in both Orange Is The New Black and How To Get Away With Murder, he has also proven to be rather educated on social justice issues.

McGorry has proudly been calling himself a feminist for a while now, even going so far as to say that becoming a feminist felt like falling in love.

He has also been an active supporter of the #Blacklivesmatter movement, being very vocal about his beliefs on both his Twitter and his Instagram.

Today, McGorry turned to instagram to speak about the decision of an Ohio grand jury to not indict the two police officers responsible for the death of Tamir Rice. The 12-year-old was shot to death in November 2014 while he was playing with a toy gun. The police officers didn’t even took the time to park their car.

Screenshotting a series of tweets of writer Ashley Ford and quoting his friend Rebekah Bentley, McGorry makes his stance on the subject abundantly clear.

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These facts are important. Also important is the fact that Timothy McGinty (prosecutor) who is supposed to be on the side of #TamirRice repeatedly undermined the position he was supposed to be supporting. And the fact that the person who reported Rice said in the call that the gun was "probably fake", which was apparently never relayed to the officers. Whether or not the officer who shot Rice was blatantly racist or not almost doesn't matter when the entire system allows multiple injustices to occur. This is the effect of what we call institutionalized/systemic racism. From my dear friend @rebekahbentley – "The non-indictment of the officers who killed Tamir Rice is a grave miscarriage of justice, a devastating blow to his loved ones, and a deep offense to the entire country. If you do not know the facts of this case, I implore you to seek them out and challenge you not to feel heartbroken and outraged over the death of this 12-year-old child–and yet we will not even ATTEMPT to seek justice by bringing the case to trial. The simple fact is, we do not place equal value on the lives of black people. This is not limited to law enforcement, but is ingrained in the fabric of our society. It is beyond time we examined our hearts, minds, behaviors, media, laws, and criminal justice system to confront the ugliness we have ignored because it is easier not to think about it. If you do not agree, question why that is and whether you have done the work to make that an informed decision rather than a feeling or general impression that rides on the back of a life in which you have the luxury of never having to consider your race. Meditate on how you view black people (whether or not you speak it aloud) and understand that even if you can say with 100% certainty that you value them as you do others, a shocking number of people do not even come close to that. #blacklivesmatter is an affirmation, not an implication that other lives don't. It's an expression of the never-ending journey towards equality and I am proud to proclaim it."

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We can only hope that Matt will continue being vocal about these issues that are so much more important than any celebrity news will ever be and we’ll be supporting him along the way.

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