MAX Releases Music Video for “Love Me Less” ft. Quinn XCII

MAX Releases Music Video for “Love Me Less” ft. Quinn XCII

“Baby would you love me less, if you knew the places that I’ve been?” Nope, no we wouldn’t MAX!

We could never love him less, especially after the colorful music video that he released for “Love Me Less” ft. Quinn XCII which includes lots of YELLOW, monkeys, smoothies, his wife Emily, his parents, and more! This video is everything we were hoping for. The look and the storyline is EVERYTHING!

At a special fan event we attended hosted by MAX, he explained how he wrote “Love Me Less” about a year after being married to his wife Emily. It’s about someone possibly loving you less once they find out about things from your past. For example, he shared that at one point, his ex tried to get his wife deported since she was from England. Crazy right?

Watching the music video for “Love Me Less,” it looks like he tried to reenact that crazy experience because the video features a woman that seems to be playing his ex along with a woman playing his wife. And yes, the woman playing his wife is actually his wife! (So so cute.)

You can tell with one of the ladies, he’s constantly being yelled at, and with the other, he’s truly loved and accepted for who he is. He’s loved for his past, and for his present, and that’s just one of the simple things that many people hope to have in life.

Note: The end is hilarious, so be sure to watch the full video to understand the whole story!

WATCH “Love Me Less” below:

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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