Meet Teen Wolf’s Season 6 Villains!

Teen Wolf are always on point with their villains each season, making them 10x scarier each time, leading us to rely on our bed covers to protect us from these monsters that we keep believing are out to get us.

We’ve had Nogistunes (oh the Void Stiles flashbacks), Kanima’s, Onis, Berserkers and The Dread Doctors so far to scare the life out of us now time to welcome you all to the newcomers of Beacon Hills, ‘The Ghost Riders’.

The Ghost Riders are part of the Wild Hunt Mythology that was introduced last season. So we’ve heard, the Ghost Riders ride in to any town on horseback and the chances are that they’ll ride out with a few new additions. Jeff Davis explains the purpose of the Ghost Riders, “The idea is that the Wild Hunt passes through your town and if you see the Ghost Riders, they’ll take you with them and make you part of the hunt. They pick up the dead as well. They serves different mythological functions, but for us, they bring a lot of danger to Beacon Hills when this storm of Ghost Riders get stuck.” Oh dear Scott, looks like you and the pack are going to be battling a very unnecessary fight.

Tyler Posey adds, “The Ghost Riders have this power that nobody else has ever had on the show before and we’ve never showcased it. They’re in Beacon Hills for a certain reason, not because they want to be, so all of the bad stuff that they’re doing to the town is kind of just a consequence of them being there when they don’t want to be. Every other villain on our show wants something and has an evil goal. Theo wanted to be the alpha, the Dread Doctors wanted to create the Beast, and so these guys don’t really have a goal. They’re like henchmen.”

The Ghost Riders aren’t as violent as the majority of the most memorable Beacon Hills villains. Jeff Davis has said that “this is surprisingly one of the less bloody seasons of Teen Wolf.” However, this doesn’t stop the season from being incredibly scary. Davis has said that the Ghost Riders were crafted to purposefully have a very ‘soulless’ life and in the words of Tyler Posey, “They’re not nice looking. They’re f–king horrifying.”

Jeff Davis has recently revealed that in this season, Stiles is even more crucial to the show than before. This has now has made everybody suspect that he could possibly be the Ghost Riders victim, leaving Scott and his friends behind to join this new group. It wouldn’t be all surprising as like we said before, Stiles did in fact turn in to ‘Void Stiles’ and became a very dangerous villain. (Let’s quickly applaud Dylan O’Brien for Void Stiles for the millionth time as it was just unbelievable!) Hopefully we’ll find out soon!

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Written by ShelbyAmess

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