Melanie Martinez Releases ‘Mrs. Potato Head’ Music Video

Melanie Martinez has surprised us all again by dropping yet another music video from her album Cry Baby. This time, it’s the long-awaited visual to accompany a fan favourite track- ‘Mrs.Potato Head’. The music video was premiered during a live event promoting Melanie’s Cry Baby Perfume Milk, and released on YouTube shortly after.

The video begins with Melanie as Cry Baby seeing advertisements for diet pills and blonde wigs, and her trying out those things herself. She goes back to the TV, and watches the story of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head unfold.

The actress playing Mrs. Potato Head starts off beautiful and youthful, but Mr. Potato Head wants her to get a facelift. She agrees, and before she knows it, a bunny doctor is injecting her lips and peeling off her skin. If you’re squeamish, watch out, the video does show this part in rather vivid detail.

After the surgery, both Potato Heads find out it isn’t exactly what they wanted. Mrs. Potato Head is heartbroken once she realizes she was beautiful in her natural skin, and Mr. Potato Head quickly moves on to another woman. The video ends with Cry Baby removing her own “enhancements” with a look of shock on her face.

On Cry Baby, ‘Mrs. Potato Head’ is a slight change of tone from the rest of the album. While other songs discuss Cry Baby’s relationships, family troubles, or mental state, this one discusses Cry Baby’s struggle with body image and societal beauty pressures. With lines like “is is true that pain is beauty” and “do you swear you’ll stay forever, even if her face don’t stay together”, Melanie raises some important questions about what real beauty is.

This is the second-to-last track from Melanie’s debut album to be accompanied by a music video after she dropped the ‘Pacify Her’ video a couple weeks ago. We’re sure she’ll finish strong and unveil the visual for the remaining song on the standard edition- ‘Mad Hatter’.

This will be a massive accomplishment for Melanie. It’s not very common to see an artist release a video for every song on an album, much less direct each one themselves! Her artistry shines through in each video, with creative storylines and repeated elements that tie them all together.

The last video will mark the end of the Cry Baby era, but don’t be too sad! That means we will get new music from Melanie in 2017, with a fresh concept and more awesome music videos.

Check out the ‘Mrs. Potato Head’ music video for yourself here:

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.