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Melody Thornton talks all things Dancing On Ice

We caught up with Melody Thornton, singer and actress most recognisable for starring in the Pussycat Dolls ahead of her time on Dancing on Ice. Melody reveals all about training, her goals, and excitement for the show, read on to find out more!

How is Dancing On Ice going?

Dancing on Ice is really exiting and very scary!Anything could go wrong. I’ve been focused and tried to stay disciplined as my life depends on it lol haha! 

How are you feeling about this weekend’s show?

I’m really excited but definitely nervous. I’m going to remember to bend my knees and say a lil’ prayer! Put faith in all the work myself and my partner have done and have some fun.

Have you found the rehearsal process fun or had any injuries yet?
The rehearsal process is fun, as long as I’m not defeating myself mentally. The only injuries I’ve had are calluses all over my foot.And pulled my groan muscle. 

How do you feel about competing in Dancing On Ice? Excited? Nervous?

I’m nervous but definitely excited though. I hope that I can inspire people to step outside of their comfort zone with my time on the ice. If people took into account that your dreams don’t always come to you in the package you’re expecting it to, they may step out and try different routes to the destination. UltimatelyI’dlike to sing but dancing on ice is a great way to build myself and help my dreams come true.

Have you skated at all in the past?

No I’ve never skated in the past. I am from the desert in the United States. Arizona and California.We’re really into swimming pools and tanning more than ice skating.

What are you most looking forward to about the competition?

I’m looking forward to getting better as a skater in the competition. It’s definitley something I enjoy and will probably continue to skate after the show. It’s great when you’ve taken on a major challenge and have minor victories along the way, like learning to jump or spin.

How intense it training? We can imagine it being a heavy workload!

Yes training is very intense. One of the things I try and keep in mind is that I’ve never done it before and I have to be patient with myself so that I don’t defeat myself mentally. It is a physical and athletic thing but it’s also a mental thing. You don’t want to be in your head too much.

Do you think your dancing skills will help you in terms of translating them onto the ice?

I am primarily a vocalist. I’ve actually never taken a dance class before or after the Pussy Cat Dolls. So my performance experience is about the same as everyone else who is a performer on the show just in different ways. I think Saira and or Brian will have the same advantages as myself or James as they are performers along with Saara. Didi and Mark have years of acting and theatreexperience which will set them apart than many other contestants. So you see, we all have advantages and disadvantages.

Can you outline your average day for us?

My average day is;
Get up at 6am, Feed the dog, have breakfast. Head to the ice rink and train for 3 hours. Come home, and do some other bits and bobs for the show or research ice skating tips. 

Is there any particular move you’d love to conquer? 

If I could learn to jump I’d be so excited. Right now I’d like to get past the first performance lol

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Written by Enya Savage

20 year old literature student, lover of books and theatre!
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