Michael B. Jordan Cast in Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’

Marvel’s Black Panther cast is the gift that keeps on giving, it seems! The latest addition to what is quickly becoming the most anticipated comic adaptation on the cards is Michael B. Jordan.

Just days ago it was revealed that Star Wars: The Force Awakens alumni Lupita Nyong’o is in talks to star alongside Chadwick Boseman. Now, The Hollywood Reporter reveals Michael B. Jordan is onboard, too.

Ryan Coogler is at the helm, directing and co-writing with Joe Robert Cole, so it’s of little surprise that Jordan’s name would come up. Black Panther marks their their collaboration following Fruitvale Station and last year’s Creed.

No stranger to the Marvel universe, Jordan recently starred in Fantastic Four as Johnny Storm, a character previously portrayed by Chris Evans’. It was in Evans’ Captain America: Civil War, of course, that audiences got their first taste of Boseman’s Black Panther earlier this month.

Scene stealingly good, Boseman is T’Challa, Prince of the fictional African nation Wakanda and, without giving anything away, he’s fast become one of the most talked about points of the third instalment in the Captain America franchise.

Marvel is yet to comment on Jordan’s involvement but rumour has it he’s in line to play the Villain this time around. Meanwhile, word is Nyong’o will play T’Challa’s love interest. Either way, we can’t way to see who else Marvel adds to this line up!

Black Panther isn’t set for release until early 2018, but in the meantime you can get your T’Challa fix in Captain America: Civil War in cinemas now!

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Written by CelebMix