Micke Moreno Releases New Single And Music Video “Vuela”

It’s been a bit of a wait for new music from Micke Moreno, but it’s certainly been worth it. His brand new single “Vuela” comes in time for the summer, and we can’t deny that this sets our skin alight. The song is the follow up to “Juego” which featured Kyran.

He has been working on his music career for some time and made his break-through on the first series of Latin talent show La Banda. He later went on to appear on The X Factor (US). He has also dipped into acting, in the past, having starred as Martin in the film Escobar: Paradise Lost, and stars as Lester in Ojitos Hechiceros. As for music, he dropped his debut single, last year, titled “El Amor” which features Antonia – it currently has over 8 million YouTube views. He later went on to collaborate with three other male artists on the Global Records Latin single “Eres Tu“. He’s definitely got a big career ahead of him, and this song just proves why he should be a star in the music industry.

The track definitely exudes summer in every way. The lyrics were written by Vlad Lucan, Dynell, and Micke Moreno; whilst the music video was directed by Bogdan Paun, with Alexandru Muresan acting as director of photography.

Watch Micke Moreno’s Music Video To “Vuela” Here:

This really does give us the summer sunshine. Micke Moreno’s voice is on point throughout, although some of the lyrics seem to not entirely fit in with the backing track however he makes them work. The song is in Spanish, with the title “Vuela” meaning “Flying” or “Fly” in English, depending on context. It’s definitely a love-induced track, with his voice certainly making our hearts melt.

As for the music video itself, it’s mainly a performance piece, with Micke Moreno singing to the lead female dancer as they grind and flirt with one another. During the chorus, the girls all group up for some killer choreography that certainly makes the guys even more interested in them. It isn’t until the final chorus that we see that the guys have moves too, and they also show off during the chorus – the big question is whether they got the girls at the end.

“Vuela” is available to stream on Spotify now, through Global Records; however, we’re surprised to find out that it hasn’t been released on iTunes yet – we so want to download this. It’ll probably pop up in the next few days, so you iTunes fans out there – just like some of us – can finally download the song.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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