Most Underrated Teen Wolf Characters

With the new series of Teen Wolf just round the corner, we thought we’d put together a list of the most underrated characters in the show.


Josh Diaz was part of the Chimera pack whose Alpha was Theo Raeken. He was introduced to Teen Wolf in episode six of series 5 but was killed at the end of the episode. Theo then brought him back to life in the last episode of series 5A and he continued to be in it until near the end of series 5B. Josh was one of Theo’s Chimeras and had the ability to absorb electricity, sense how much electricity there was in a room and had enhanced healing. Sadly, despite having enhanced healing, Josh didn’t survive Theo stealing his power and taking his life.

He is overlooked by many fans as he was part of the Chimera Pack. This means that people saw him as one of the bad guys. But in reality, Josh was just another one of the manipulated teenagers who got caught up in the Dread Doctors’ games. When it looked like he realised that he needed to change, Theo took his power and his life. It ended sadly for Josh because if he had managed to change sides, we would have seen a good character development from him.

Josh was played by Henry Zaga.

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Corey Bryant was also part of Theo’s Chimera Pack. He first appeared in series five, episode four but was killed in episode nine. Theo brings him back in the tenth episode as one of his Chimeras. Corey is first seen when he is attacked by his boyfriend Lucas and then he meets the pack when Scott takes his pain. But, when Corey is killed by the Dread Doctors, Theo resurrects him so he’s part of his pack instead. Corey has the power to turn invisible and has enhanced healing. Through series five, Corey develops a love interest in Mason Hewitt and they continue to help each other cope with themselves.

Despite Corey’s lovable personality, people still seem to overlook him. They see him as just part of Theo’s pack when really, he’s much more than that. Corey is an important part of the show and is also an important part of Mason’s character development as we see the two of them grow together on screen.

Corey is played by Michael Johnston.

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Mason first appeared in series four with his best friend, Liam. As the series went on and into series five, Mason found out about the supernatural world around him and is now part of Scott’s pack. His whole world was turned around when he found out he is ‘The Beast’ in series five. It becomes a sad storyline as Mason has no idea what he’s doing and it broke the heart of many fans. Mason is a very important part of Scott’s pack and we hope to see his character develop further over the upcoming series.

Mason is underrated during the series as people see him as a background character, especially in series four and through the first half of series five. But, in reality, Mason is a very important character in the series for Scott’s pack, for Liam and for Corey. We hope to see more development from him.

Mason is played by Khylin Rhambo.

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Hayden first appeared in series five as an enemy to Liam. We find out the history between them quite quickly and it’s obvious that Hayden is still angry about it. But, as series five goes on, we see them develop as a love interest for one another. That is until episode ten, Status Asthmaticus, where Hayden dies and then Theo brings her back to life as one of his Chimera Pack. Through the second half of the series, Liam and Hayden go on a bit of a rollercoaster until the end when Hayden is finally turned into a proper werewolf by Scott.

Some fans seem to really dislike Hayden because she’s with Liam. People just don’t seem to like her as a character or a love interest for Liam. But, in series five we saw her switch from Theo’s evil ways to Scott’s pack and that’s how she’ll be in series six too. So, as we see more of a character development from her, fans may warm more to her especially now she’s a proper werewolf.

Hayden is played by Victoria Moroles.

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Theo was first introduced into Teen Wolf in series five. He first appeared to be one of the good guys who was trying to help Scott and his pack but it soon turned out he was working with the Dread Doctors. In the second half of series five, Theo then makes his own pack, the Chimera Pack and that’s when everyone really turns against him because he’s working against Scott’s pack. But, in reality, he also wants to stop the beast although Theo just wants his power. At the end, Theo gets dragged to hell by his dead sister and is to return for season six.

Fans don’t like Theo because they think he’s a bad guy. When really, he’s the most misunderstood character in the show. This is because he has been manipulated by the Dread Doctors since he was nine years old which caused him to kill his sister. Fans don’t seem to understand this so everyone hates him but we think he will have a good character development in series six as he is going to befriend Liam and the rest of the pack.

Theo is played by Cody Christian.

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The first episode Tracy appeared in was episode two of series five, Parasomnia. She appears as a terrified girl who has nightmares caused by Dread Doctors. The Dread Doctors then kill her at the end of the episode. As they inject her, she goes on a killing spree, but an extra injection was a step too far and killed her. She then gets resurrected by Theo in episode Status Asthmatica. In the second half of the series, we see her character develop and see that she and Theo slowly become a love interest for one another, until they’re kissing outside and Theo kills her for her power. She had Canama venom and could paralyse people, which she used against Scott’s pack when Theo tried to get them to fight.

Tracy is underappreciated because again, she is one of the misunderstood Chimeras. The Dread Doctors turned her into a monster when really she was just a vulnerable teenager who didn’t know what was happening to her.

Tracy is played by Kelsey Chow.

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Ethan & Aiden

The twins were in the third series of the show. They started off as part of the Alpha Pack which was lead by Deucalian. As the series carried on and especially into the second half, you can see they wanted to be part of Scott’s pack. Whilst Ethan was starting to fall in love with Danny, Aiden was also starting to fall for Lydia. And, the two of them wanted to prove that they were the good guys. Although, with their past the pack didn’t really trust them which left them on the sidelines. The twins sadly left at the end of the series. This was due to Aiden being killed and Ethan not wanting to stick around without him.

Ethan and Aiden are underappreciated because they wanted to be seen as good guys. Yes, they were part of the alpha pack and killed Boyd. But, they changed and they wanted to be part of Scott’s pack, they wanted to be accepted. When it looked like they were on their way to being accepted, Aiden died. It was a sad ending for a sad storyline.

Ethan & Aiden were played by Max & Charlie Carver.

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Brett first came into the series in series four and is an important reoccuring character. He attends Devenford Prep and starts with a huge grudge against Liam. The two of them seem to slowly ressolve this as the series goes on. This is mostly down to Scott’s pack having to help Brett’s pack as they all end up on the Deadpool. Brett also appears in episodes of series five. Mason and Liam go to him for help on Tracy and he also appears in the club dancing with Lucas.

As Brett might be seen as a background character, people overlook him. But, Brett is actually an important part of the series. He helps Scott’s pack out a lot. Brett also helps us see a character development in Liam when it comes to their coach’s car. We know he is going to be in series six so let’s hope there’s an even bigger character development.

Brett is played by Cody Saintgnue.


Cora Hale is in series three of Teen Wolf. She was held prisoner in the bank vault with Boyd for three months. Despite the fact she needed to heal, she still pushed herself to do intense exercise. It is obvious that she is frustrated with Derek and what she has come back to, as she was expecting to come back to a strong pack. Cora fought with Aiden in the school and sustained a head injury. Whereas she said he was healing, it turned out she wasn’t and ended up in hospital. When Cora is close to death, Derek gives up his alpha power to save her. Cora helps revive Ethan and Aiden and she then leaves Beacon Hills with Derek.

Cora is underappreciated by fans because they just seem to skip over her. She was a great part of the cast and an important part of series three. We saw her bring out a completely new side to Derek and made us see how important his family are to him.

Cora was played by Adelaide Kane.

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