MOVIE REVIEW: Booksmart is the Relevant Coming of Age Movie we needed

Booksmart besties, Molly and Amy have pretty much aced high school: Valedictorian and student body president Molly (Beanie Feldstein, Jonah Hill’s sister) got accepted into Yale, her top choice university. Her bestie, Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) plans to spend time volunteering Botswana before continuing her studies in Columbia.

Even though their studies paid off, somewhere along the way, these two friends realize that they were so worried studying and acing tests, that they never had any fun or went to parties in High School. Molly realized this when she was in the typical High School bathroom with graffiti on the walls, when she overheard students talking about her and how she only cares about school while they did both, study and have fun and still got into good schools.

Molly complains to Amy how they messed up and should have realized that they should be enjoying their teen years… because everyone wishes the could be a teen again… oh to be young. The movie makes you realize that you should not take life so seriously. Instead tit should take in every moment, enjoy life, it’s a perfect movie putting out a perfect message. It’s the teen coming of age movie that is relevant in the “now.”

The movie is the directorial debut of actress Olivia Wilde. It’s refreshing because it shows how gender identity and sexuality are often mixed up. It also doesn’t have the typical white boy football high school jock as the love interest. Booksmart covers all these important topics that are extremely relevant in today’s society. Easy AClueless and Mean Girls were all great movies and gave literature a contemporary spin but Booksmart fills in those gaps and also gives good girls a chance to act out. Booksmart is up there with Love, Simon in being one of the most important coming of age movies for this generation.

Be smart and see Booksmart in theaters everywhere May 24, 2019.

Written by Will Heffernan