MTV Cancels “Faking It” After Three Seasons

Earlier today, MTV announced that Faking It has been cancelled after three seasons. They also revealed that the next episode, which will air on Tuesday, will be the series finale.

Faking It follows two high school girls who decide to pretend to be a lesbian couple to gain popularity. During the cause of the show, we see the characters question their own sexuality and come to terms with it. The series also gained popularity for its diverse LGBTQ+ portrayals, including having the first intersex main character on television.

Showrunner Carter Covington was recently asked what he had planned in case the show didn’t get renewed for a fourth season. Covington said, “I definitely had it in the back of my mind. My last series, 10 Things I Hate About You ended on some pretty dramatic cliffhangers and I felt like that wasn’t fair to do to fans if I felt like the show may not come back,” he said. “We worked hard to create a finale where even though we do end on cliffhangers, they’re happy cliffhangers.”

He also revealed what the season finale will revolve around, “It’s New Year’s Eve and there are new relationships and everybody is kissing someone at midnight. That felt like a good launching place for a new season, should we get it, and also a happy place to leave fans if this was going to be the end.”

In an interview with EW, Covington reflects on his time working on the show. He said, “I just want to express our deep, deep gratitude from everyone that makes Faking It. We all have just had the best time creating this story and putting it out there and hoping it would affect people, and seeing how invested fans have been is what has kept us going. And we’re sad that it’s over, but we’re incredibly grateful that we got to make it and grateful that fans supported it. And we hope that they’ll share it with their friends and that it will live on.”

The cast of Faking It took to Twitter to show their sadness about the show being cancelled.


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