MTV Scream: Who Is the Killer? Five Suspects

This season of Scream has been an emotional rollercoaster – hands were chopped off, close friends were sliced in half and revelations have threatened to tear the Lakewood Five apart. But just who is the cloaked Ghostface wannabe causing this chaos? We have five ideas, ranked…

5. Gustavo Acosta   


The Sheriff’s offspring has been a shifty fellow since he first arrived in town. His drawings of the Lakewood Five in pools of blood raised early questions about his mental state – and he seems even crazier after Wednesday’s show, where it was revealed he shot his friend and watched him bleed to death. Eek. Our main query – wouldn’t he be too obvious? Scream’s writers are a savvy bunch.

Likeliness: 6/10

4.  Kevin Duval

An oddball choice, sure, but one that makes too much sense to ignore. For a start, he’s Emma’s dad which probably means he’s very clued-up on the family’s dark, Brandon James-stained past. Piper also mentioned she had “one more surprise” for Emma that she’ll “never see coming” – her dad killing her friends would be a shock on another level, right? All of this is without mentioning his creepy stalking of her deep into the night – a strange method of grabbing her attention…

Likeliness: 6.5/10

3. Zoe Vaughn


Once our prime suspect, Zoe plummets down the list after she had an alibi for Haley’s murder (searching for switches with Noah). Doesn’t relieve all our fears though – why did she send Emma the recording of Audrey’s confession? Was it sheer bitchiness or a continuation of the killer’s taunting over her relationship with Piper? Either way, she seems to have manipulated Noah into trusting her every word – with a stooge on her side, she could get away with murder. Literally.

Likeliness – 7/10

2. Kieran Wilcox


As much as we want to trust Lakewood’s handsome hunk, we still can’t help but be suspicious of this (relative) newcomer. He’s one of the few who didn’t have an alibi for Haley’s murder at the party, conveniently reappearing once she’d been stabbed seven times to her death. Also, was Kieran really kidnapped at the carnival, or was it an elaborate ploy to get him off the hook?

Likeliness – 8/10

1. Eli Hudson


Much shiftier still is Kieran’s cousin Eli, moving to Lakewood after the events of the first season. It seems weird that he was totally MIA in two episodes where the killer was on the loose – and that he conveniently appears to stir divisions between Kieran, Emma, and just about everybody else. He lead Emma to a spooky house at night that ended up burning down – and has confessed to stalking girls of his age in the past. Add to that his general creepiness, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see his mug emerge from under the mask.

Likeliness – 9/10

Scream continues Tuesdays 10/9c on MTV US. In the UK? Catch it exclusively on Netflix on Wednesdays! 

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Written by CelebMix