MTV Scream Season 2: 10 Unforgettable Moments

Encompassing grizzly deaths, touching romance and dark revelations, MTV Scream’s second season has been a suspenseful and compelling affair – but which 10 moments stood out to us?

10. A Double-Edged Sword Knife

Adding a murder to our list makes us a teeny bit uncomfortable, but Haley was a villain anyway – for a start, she taunted the Lakewood Five and accused Emma of being the killer. Then it transpired she was dating the villain so knew their true identity. She might have joined in with the killings, so seeing her meet a grizzly end wasn’t so sad after all.

9. Friendship Horror

One of season 2’s biggest arcs finally boiled over when Emma was sent a recording of Audrey’s chilling confession – she brought Piper to Lakewood. Cue much betrayal, a little physical scuffle and an explanation of the pair’s past. Turns out Audrey loved Emma (romantically) – a revelation that added stunned silence to an otherwise hectic episode.

8. No(ah) Longer a Virgin

Again, we can’t help but feel a little awkward talking about this moment – Noah losing his virginity with Zoe. But boy was the scene well-produced – fast-paced, comical and sporting a great choice of music. Shame the relationship was a tragically short-lived affair…

7. Dreamin’ Screams

Season 2’s deep psychological edge proved smart and thought-provoking, no more so than when the teens took a hallucinogenic drug at Kieran’s party. This lead to dead characters appearing reborn, water appearing to set on fire and the return of Ghostface. But was the latter really just a hallucination?

6. Haley to the Queen

Haley acting all bitchy? Just whack her straight in the mug. This united the entire Scream fandom in applause – beautiful!

5. Yes He Wil(cox)

Another cracking fight scene, this time with the cousins sparring over their Golden Girl Emma. It proves a little one-sided, with hunky Kieran laying the smackdown to the (relative) dwarf Eli. But was one of them the killer?

4. You Aud To Tell Someone

Cast your minds back to the opening instalments of season 2 – where Audrey was cruelly presented as the main suspect. She did look shifty, though – particularly when she found Jake’s body, removed evidence and kept schtum about it afterwards. Not a wise move, and one which the killer capitalised on.

3. Seth Comes to Us All

Alright, sorry – we’re throwing another death into the mix. Poor Seth Branson was framed by Piper, fired as a teacher and then tied up by Brooke. Then the new killer hunts him down, cuts off his hand before scalding the wound with an iron. Is this a contender for scariest – and most gripping – cliffhanger ever?

2. Speech Them a Lesson

Residents are being slaughtered and what does the town of Lakewood think to do? Hold a birthday carnival. Brooke took a stand, getting suitably tipsy and veering off-script at her beauty pageant speech. Packed with tributes to the late Jake Fitzgerald & harsh truth about Lakewood’s “curse”, this monologue was one of the most memorable moments of the season.


1. “You Will Never Feel Safe Again”

Season 2’s big killer reveal was shocking. Yes, we know – many fans called it for Kieran. But his transformation from caring boyfriend to evil psycho should win Amadeus Serafini an Oscar. His screwed-up facial expressions, the merciless shooting of his own cousin and admitting to murdering his own father – all after acting like Emma’s caring BFF. A truly spectacular performance, and one that potentially lifts Amadeus’ career up several notches.


So there we have it – all in all, it’s been an absolute emotional monster of a season, and we’re crossing all fingers that Scream gets the renewal it so deserves. In the meantime – a Halloween Special is GO, we repeat GO! No US premiere date is confirmed as yet, but it hits Netflix internationally on the 18th October.

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Written by CelebMix