My Silent Bravery Release Music Video for “18”

My Silent Bravery Release Music Video for “18”

My Silent Bravery (Matt Wade) is an alternative rock artist from Boston, Massachusetts who’s throwing it back with his 80’s themed music video for “18.” The video features 80’s fashion such as red lipstick and denim jean jackets, colored string lights, metallic streams, an old telephone, and more.

“The “18” music video was inspired by the neo-eighties aesthetics of shows like The Americans and Stranger Things,” says Matt. “We wanted it to feel romantic but eerie so we combined techniques that you’d typically see in horror or film noir with story beats you’d find in a rom com or John Hughes movie.”

Listening to the track, fans are getting a new version of Matt mixed with the alternative rock style of music that they already know know and love. And we’re sure they can’t get enough of the Bon Jovi, Patrick Swayze, and Madonnna references in the song with lyrics like, “Turn up Bon Jovi / Getting high on love and caffeine like when when we were 18 / Girls went crazy / Over Patrick Swazye / Madonna got our heartbeat racing like when we were eighteen,” because we sure can’t!

Check out My Silent Bravery’s music video for “18” below:

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