My Silent Bravery Releases an Emotionally Powerful Music Video for “Girl You Think You Know”

My Silent Bravery Releases an Emotionally Powerful Music Video for “Girl You Think You Know”

My Silent Bravery consists of singer and songwriter Matt Wade from Massachusetts. In his latest song for “Girl You Think You Know”, the ballad describes a girl who’s obsessed with her appearance and reputation.

She’s addicted to the instant gratification of showing off her beauty to people on the internet, but all the positive things are the only things that the people online see. They assume she’s perfect and confident with no problems in her life, as many of us think when we follow our favorite people on the internet.

With lyrics like, “The girl you think you know Is so in fashion / Dying on the inside / Crying on the inside” and “Sunglasses to disguise / They hide the sadness in her eyes it’s cloudy / Two shots to numb the pain,” Matt is explaining how behind the scenes, there can be woman with a lonely heart.

Within the music video for “Girl You Think You Know” you’ll see a girl (played by Livy Poulin) with a wig that she soon pulls off, referring to the other side of her personality. The video shows that the girl isn’t as confident as people think she is, because no matter how many people think she’s beautiful, she is eaten alive by a body dysmorphic disorder.

Check out the video for “Girl You Think You Know” below:

You can also download the song iTunes HERE.

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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