NASAYA & MARO Team Up on New EP – ‘Pirilampo’

Indie-crossover artist NASAYA joins together with multi-hyphenate musician MARO to release their new EP, Pirilampo, via the Foreign Family Record Label.

Talking about the EP, NASAYA shares, “This EP is such a special project to me. Writing this with Maro was the most fun I had making music in a long time – because we went in directions that we wouldn’t on our own. I love how it’s its own weird little world and I can’t wait to share more of the music we made.”

While MARO says, “This EP is the first of many projects as MARO x NASAYA. I love it to pieces and I’m honestly just very excited for this release and all the music we’re still going to write together.”

Born and raised on Réunion Island, located in the Indian Ocean and a region of France, NASAYA’s music blends elements of jazz, dance music, pop, and classic rock and has received acclaim from top-tier tastemakers.

NASAYA sync deals include Patagonia, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Mercedes, as well as performing on Ford’s 2021 The Color of Nothing tour. Along with his hit singles, “Stuck In A Bubble” and “PATTERNS,” he has done official remixes for Broods, Tim Atlas, and The Rubens.

On Pirilampo, he converges with fellow Berklee College graduate MARO, who recently signed with Quincy Jones’ management roster. Pirilampo follows on the heels of its two lead singles, “TEMPO” and “I SEE IT COMING,” exuding dazzling fusions of R&B, soul, indie-pop, and dance savors.

MARO toured with Jacob Collier as featured vocalist, along with sharing the stage with Fatai, as well as touring with ¿Teo? on 2019’s Americana Columbiano tour. With more than 17 million Spotify streams, MARO’s ability to span genres is amazing.

Encompassing four tracks, Pirilampo, which translates as “Firefly,” begins with “TEMPO,” opening on a contagious dance rhythm topped by MARO’s sensuous, velvety voice, imbuing the lyrics with lush flavors of alluring timbres. Latin R&B tangs give the track a tantalizing flow.

“I SEE IT COMING” travels on pop flavors riding a thumping kick drum. As the tune takes shape, cashmere layers of R&B and indie-soul permeate the song with luscious, dreamy textures approximating dream-pop.

“NADA A VER” rolls out on syncopate percussion, trembling with lush, percolating coloration. Low-slung and sumptuous, MARO’s voice recalls the tasty sophisti-pop of Sade. The title track features oozing hues emerging atop a sparkling piano. Merging hints of R&B, soul, and pop aromas, plush suffusions of gossamer tendrils support MARO’s enticing voice.

NASAYA and MARO have it going on! Pirilampo drips with silky-smooth harmonic layers, all capped by the sui generis voice of MARO, whose superb vocal gift is the highlight of the EP.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.