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Olly Murs Releases ‘Do It Like Dan Hardy’ Video

Olly Murs might have just released his sixth studio album You Know, I Know but he’s still found time to record another episode of his Do It Like series. This time he’s teamed up with MMA’s Dan Hardy aka The Outlaw.

So far we’ve seen Olly learning some gymnastics with five-time Olympic medalist Max Whitlock and rugby player Chris Robshaw. But now he’s getting even more hands-on as this former MMA Fighter puts him through his paces. During this episode, we’re shown Dan’s party trick with his shins of steel and Olly getting given his own superhero fighting name (we won’t spoil it so check out the video to find out just what it is). Explaining how yoga has become a big part of the training they try out the upward salute and standing head to knee in order to get them ready for striking practice. As expected left hooks make an appearance as we see Olly Murs focus completely on his power punch reminding us just what a dangerous sport this actually can be. Every episode isn’t just a great excuse to see Olly trying something new but also gives us a valuable insight into the sport and what happens behind the scenes. In the final challenge, it gets a whole lot harder as the Shark Tank sees him floored trying (and struggling) to get back on his feet. Next week’s episode will see him teaming up with golfer Justin Rose, we can’t wait!

Olly recently released You Know, I Know which features new tracks alongside some of his greatest hits. One of those new tracks is his incredibly catchy latest track Moves which features Snoop Dogg. If like us you want to experience the Olly Murs magic in person then be sure to pick up tickets to his 2019 UK and Ireland tour.

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Written by Nicola Craig

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