One Direction on the road to America with On the Road Again

The boys of One Direction have been on the road again for their ironically named 4th headlining tour, the On the Road Again Tour, since early February of this year. Last night, the boys ended the 5th leg of their tour in Helsinki, Finland, and are expected to start the American leg of shows on July 9th.

As the highest-grossing boyband in the world currently, the English/Irishmen have already made millions off this tour and at least 16 of 22 shows played so far have been sold out.

Averaging a crowd of over 55,000 screaming concert-goers at every show, it’s no surprise that the four piece are expected to fill the larger American stadiums to the brim. One of the larger stadiums the band will be playing, Ohio Stadium in Columbus, has a capacity of 104,000.

Ticket sales and prices, much like the ever-growing crowds, have skyrocketed for this tour as well.

The boys managed to sell out FNB Stadium, which seats 131,615 people, in South Africa for two nights in a row when they played there in March, with tickets going for around 395-850 in South African currency (Rand).

Even the departure of soulful singer Zayn Malik from One Direction early on in March could not stop the tickets from selling quickly and at high prices for the rest of the legs of the tour.

Performing songs from all four of their number one albums, the boys make sure to excite and charm the crowd at the same time with their impressive harmonies and individual voices.

Though they are missing Malik’s heartfelt R&B tone now, the four piece has fared quite well with covering his solos and making sure the fans hardly even notice he’s gone.

Upbeat songs such as Little White Lies and Where Do Broken Hearts Go have fans singing and dancing alongside their favorite band, while more tranquil tunes such as Little Things and Night Changes bring tears to the eyes while the boys seemingly serenade their fans.

However, no matter how big they continue to get, One Direction shows that their fans’ voices are heard loud and clear.

Fan favorite ‘No Control’ off of the boys’ fourth album, Four, was petitioned to become a single by the fans and was given such a strong social media presence that some radio stations around the world played it to appease them.

Shortly after, No Control and another song from Four, ’18,’ were added to the setlist and have since been performed.

As the boys get well rested for their next string of shows in the U.S., we hope to hear more of those new songs live for us to fangirl over and turn our hearts into mush while the charming four piece sings their hearts out.

Written by CelebMix