One Direction had a technical difficulty!

Kicking off their UK leg yesterday in the O2 Arena in London, One Direction were having a blast. Until the show came to a hilarious stop in between. As the boys sang the 11th song of their new set list, night changes they happened to have some technical difficulties.

One Direction had a technical difficulty! 2

As Liam sang his solo, he missed his cue and asked for a restart. The boys had a laugh along with the fans as Harry Styles didn’t let the fans’ excitement down and sang ‘We’ve had a technical difficulty!’ in the most beautiful tune. I kid you not, its been stuck in my head ever since I saw the video of him singing it.

The boys gave the song another chance only to have Niall breaking into laughter as the attempt had failed miserably. ‘Welcome to the comedy road show’, laughed Niall. Liam apologised to the audience for the trouble caused.

Soon Niall broke into the chorus of night changes, playing his guitar and swaying left to right. The fans’ obviously got the boys’ backs and sang the lyrics of the song, keeping the concert going on. Unfortunately the song had to be stopped again.

Again Harry Styles came to the rescue and decided to crack some jokes. After the session of jokes, Niall started singing the chorus of their newly released song ‘Infinity’ which is available to anyone who has pre ordered their new album, ‘Made in the a.m’.

The boys were terribly confused about what to do next and decided to give the song a third chance. They failed for the third time too but the fans kept it going this time, and Liam and Harry encouraged the crowd to go ahead. By the second half of the song the technical difficulties were probably solved as Louis sang his part pretty well as always and there was no stopping after that.

Although the fans didn’t mind the issue at all and enjoyed it rather, I bet out in the crowds were many annoyed accompanies. But hopefully the rest of the fantastic show cheered them up.

Written by CelebMix