One Year of New Hope Club

Back on the 4th October 2015, New Hope Club posted their first tweet and officially became a band. Judging by how much this band have achieved in such a short amount of time, it’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year.

On the 4th October, New Hope Club also released their first cover of The Vamps’ latest single at the time, ‘Wake Up’. The video starts with each member introducing themselves and was the first thing fans saw of the band together. This cover quickly drew fans in as their incredible vocals were clearly shown. In just a week the cover had over 35,000 views.

On the 26th October at The Vamps’ Manchester fanfest show, New Hope Club made their debut appearance on stage. Although they didn’t sing, what they did do is introduce themselves to the audience and help create themselves a fanbase.

In the remaining two months of the year, New Hope Club posted five more covers onto their YouTube and one ‘A Day In The Life Of’ video. The covers were a mix of popular songs including ‘Hey Everybody’, ‘History’, and ‘Love Yourself’. What can be said for the covers is that they were definitely helping the band get fans. All the covers showed the brilliant vocals and talent the band had to offer. What was not to like?

New Hope Club also featured in The Vamps’ video for ‘Rest Your Love’ which was released late November and currently has over seven million views. They were featured in Tris’ room and were just three of the many celebrities to feature in the video. Other celebrities involved in the video included Conor Maynard, Nina Nesbitt and Maisie Williams. Watch the video for yourself and see if you can spot them.

However, 2015 didn’t show everything that New Hope Club had to offer and everyone knew that 2016 was going to be a big year for the boys, and so far, it has been!

In March/April, The Vamps went on tour and New Hope Club supported them. For 13 arena shows across the UK, then an additional show in both Amsterdam and Paris, New Hope Club covered ‘Oh Cecilia’ half way through The Vamps’ set. They were joined on stage by Brad Simpson on drums and James McVey also playing guitar, and adding vocals. For an up-and-coming band like New Hope Club, singing to thousands and thousands of people across the world is quite the accomplishment.

Not long after supporting The Vamps on multiple dates of their ‘Wake Up’ tour, it was announced that they would be joining The Tide at their fanfest shows across the UK. All shows sold out extremely quickly and was a major accomplishment for both The Tide and New Hope Club.

For these shows not only did New Hope Club have a longer setlist, singing more than just ‘Oh Cecilia’, but they also sang their first original song, ‘Perfume’. It didn’t take long for the crowd to learn the chorus and by the end of the tour, the crowd was singing it back to them.

After supporting The Tide at their fanfest dates, New Hope Club also played Festival Too which can draw in crowds of up to 15,000 people – an incredible feat for the band.

In August/September, they were back on tour again. This meant more dates, more cities and more shows. For 12 shows across the UK, New Hope Club supported The Tide once more and showed everyone what they had to offer again. Alongside playing their original song ‘Perfume’, New Hope Club added another original song to their set list, titled ‘Makeup’.

In such a small amount of time, New Hope Club have achieved so much. Not only on stage but on social media too. They’ve gone from 0 followers to over 50,000 on Twitter, with a similar number of subscribers on their YouTube channel. This really shows that they’re taking the world by storm. They’ve also released 17 covers on YouTube, 50 Club Cams and are close to having three million total views on YouTube. In another year, you never know what they may achieve, we guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

We spoke to a couple of fans to see what they thought about everything New Hope Club have achieved in the past year. This is what they said:

Emily – “I can’t believe it’s been a year of NHC! It’s flown by so quickly! I can’t believe the amount of success they’ve gained in that year. From posting covers on YouTube to performing in different countries to huge crowds as a support act, NHC really have made me and other fans so proud. I can’t wait to see what another year brings.”

Brenda – “For a band that’s only a year old, I don’t think anyone can help being proud of New Hope Club after everything they’ve achieved. Between every cover they’ve released, to every live show they’ve played, they’ve worked so hard this year and they deserve everything that’s happened. What I am most proud of is the growth these lads have gone through, adapting to huge stages they’ve already played like naturals. Yet they’re still so genuine and down to Earth, always willing to give time in their day for their fans. So happy one year anniversary to New Hope Club, and here’s to many more!”

Here at CelebMix we want to wish New Hope Club a happy one year anniversary! It’s been a good year and we wish you the best with the second one.

Written by CelebMix