OPINION: How X Factor Is Faring So Far

After the major buzz surrounding X Factor, I must admit; I was prepared for slight disappointment. I questioned whether or not it would live up to the hype. As soon as the opening titles began, I was intrigued and wanted to know how all the changes would impact the show!

I’m still not completely used to Nick Grimshaw being a judge – I understand he knows what’s ‘current’ – but sometimes I feel like he’s not on the same wavelength as the other judges. However, I LOVE Rita Ora being a judge, and have done since she was a guest judge on the show a few years ago. She fits right in on the panel and it will be interesting to see how both judges mentor their categories over the coming weeks.

But what I don’t get is how some INCREDIBLE talent is being thrown away for some people who cannot sing? I get that the show is not just a singing competition, in the words of Louis Walsh you have to have ‘the full package’ but I mean, I lose attention if someone can’t sing! At Bootcamp, there’s not going to be any good singers!

So far, I do have a few favourites: Josh Daniel who did an amazing rendition of Labrinth’s ‘Jealous,’ and the Olly Murs lookalike (I can’t remember his name!) And I am loving 4th Power – but I do think it is slightly unfair that they have entered other talent shows and won. But we are only halfway through so I’m sure I will develop more favourites as the weeks go on.

Olly and Caroline are good presenters but I do prefer Olly. It is just my personal opinion but I find Caroline quite boring – it seems to me like she is just there as a safety net for Olly! Olly is a natural born entertainer and a lovely guy so it was clear he was made for the job and he fits right in and looking back, I’m thinking ‘Dermot who?’ It seems like Olly has presented the show for a few years.

What I’ve learnt more than ever is that looks don’t determine everything on the show. I think if a hot boy comes on, the initial reaction is that he will have a brilliant voice whereas someone else can come on and shock everyone – and not be that hot boy everyone is looking for! Any boy bands on the show tend to be good looking but their egos get the better of them and they can’t sing! Looks aren’t everything!!

I am loving Xtra Factor – I think Melvin and Rochelle are a good presenting duo. It follows so nicely right after the main show and it’s FUNNY – which is what we need! It’s nice seeing how well the whole team all get on – compared to other years where you could sense a lot of tension.

Who knows what this year will bring? I suppose a lot of talent (most of which we have probably seen), a few bum notes, plenty of laughs and probably a few tears!

Well….all I can say is that’s my Saturday and Sunday nights sorted right up until mid-December!

Written by Rachel Dempster