OWS: Oritse Williams solo-the next step after JLS

JLS split up in 2013 and now all four members have gone their separate ways. Oriste Williams is now going solo and trying to make a name for him. He has relabelled himself as OWS which stands for Oriste Williams Solo.

He recently played at the Wireless festival in London and has released a track called Waterline featuring Pusha T. He seems to be entering this stage of his career with a fresh mind as he states ‘if it doesn’t happen it wasn’t meant to be.’ Successful or not Oriste does seem to be calm in the face of adversity knowing it could go either way.

His last words at JLS’ last gig were ‘victory after victory.’ He seems to be taking his own advice. He still remembers the days when JLS were not yet famous and how they first started out. They were originally called UFO but changed their name when they entered X factor.

Whilst working with JLS, Oriste did meet some problems as producers constantly told him he sang with too much emotion. However, he managed to deal with that problem as he is starting his new solo career.

OWS in his words says ‘this is the beginning again.’

Written by CelebMix