Photo Gallery: Halsey in Newark, New Jersey #HopelessFountainKingdomTour

Photo Gallery: Halsey in Newark, New Jersey #HopelessFountainKingdomTour

On Saturday, October 14th, Halsey took over the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey for a hometown show. Born in Jersey, Halsey shared a little bit about her life, as well as how she used to go to the Garden State Plaza, which many people including myself have probably been to countless times. And if not, many people know what it is.

Halsey never fails to put on a great show, singing a setlist of songs from Badlands as well as her latest album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. Filled with dance numbers and beautiful visuals behind her to go along with each song, we’d definitely go back and see Halsey for a third time.

Check out our photos below: (Click photo for full HD image)

Check out a few of our clips below:

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