Pink Becomes Newest UNICEF Ambassador

Singer Pink traveled to Haiti in July with UNICEF as they delivered therapeutic food packets to severely malnourished children. After the trip, she has been named the newest UNICEF ambassador. She told People magazine her interest in becoming an ambassador came because she is a mother.

Pink will help out with children’s health initiatives. Specifically, she will focus on active lifestyles and nutrition. In addition, she is the spokesperson for UNICEF’s latest initiative, Kid Power. The initiative strives to help children lead healthier lives. An activity-tracking bracelet and app encourages kids to get active. Statistics show one in four kids in the United States are inactive. In addition, one in four kids globally are malnourished. UNICEF and Kid Power want to combat both problems at once.

The Haiti trip reminded Pink how children can help others. The trip also strengthened her passion for UNICEF’s mission. By getting kids to move around, they are helping in two ways. They are helping themselves by becoming more active. Plus, they are caring and helping children around the world.

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Written by CelebMix