Artwork for Just Like Fire

Pink set to release new single ‘Just Like Fire’

P!nk announced today that she will release her single, ‘Just Like Fire’ on the 15th April. Pink’s song has been written for Walt Disney Studio’s upcoming film, ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’, the sequel to 2010’s Alice in Wonderland.

The last time Pink released music was three years ago, which in the music world is a long time; it is also the first original song written by Pink for a feature length film, which just adds to our excitement!

The video for ‘Just Like Fire’ will not be released until May, the same month that the film will debut; premiering on the 27th in the US.

Just Like Fire will appear in the film, where Alice will return to the world of Underland and travel back in time to save The Mad Hatter. It will also appear as part of the soundtrack, and we can’t wait to hear P!nk’s fabulous voice again.

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Written by CelebMix