PREMIERE: Angelique – “Wings (Freestyle)”

Rising Canadian singer Angelique has just unleashed her brand new single “Wings (Freestyle)”, which CelebMix are premiering today.

Angelique - "Wings (Freestyle)" single cover

The midtempo electro-influenced song features an enthralling vocal performance from the 21-year-old singer, and is captivating from the very first listen. Lyrically, the song features a motivational message about breaking away from a toxic relationship, and ‘finding your wings’.

““Wings (Freestyle)” was inspired by the toxic relationships I’ve witnessed both my friends and myself stuck in at one point or another,” Angelique says. “No matter if they’re platonic or romantic, relationships can all be difficult and painful. This song takes you through the stages of breaking free. It is the stages of grief as you come into your own.

“Recording this song was very emotional, taking a lot out of me. I drew from various situations – moments where I let other people take more from me than I should have. I brought all of that anger and hurt into the booth, using the recording process as a way to air my true feelings and help myself heal. It was very therapeutic. After the session had wrapped up, I felt almost euphoric. It was like all this weight I had been carrying was lifted. That’s also exactly what I want for you.”

Angelique is a fresh face from the Toronto music scene, having already released four other tracks on her SoundCloud page. Her sound derives from a mixture of alternative vocal styles and R&B, with an experimental twist. She is not afraid to speak her mind, and she hopes that her lyrics and what she says will help inspire others who are going through similar situations.


You can listen to “Wings (Freestyle)” below:


The song will be available to buy and stream this Friday!

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