Premiere: Nikitaa Drops a New Pop Breakup Anthem Titled “Farewell”

Singer-songwriter Nikitaa released a brand new track and music video for “Farewell,” where she showcases a story on her personal experiences of ending a relationship.

On its verses, the singer leans into the echo of acoustic guitars, embracing the melancholy and quiet contemplativeness of what she knows she must give up, via her own unwavering, warm, and clean alto range. But on its chorus, her exhaustion comes through as the guitars beneath her swell, and she asserts with a fierce and powerful cry: “The dance is over now.”

Born and raised in Mumbai, Nikitaa combines ethereal Pop/RnB with a subtle nod to the South-Asian soundscape to bring you a genre she calls Goddess Pop. “Farewell” captures all of her best qualities – from catchy lyrics, polished vocal performance, and melodies that can be stuck in your head for days.

As Nikitaa explains, “I wrote Farewell years before I ever wrote ‘Boomerang’ – in a rush of 15 minutes on the same day that I broke up with someone who at the time meant the world to me, someone I thought I’d spend a lifetime with. Literally crying in the booth as I sang, my producer and brother in spirit, Mukund, was the only other person in the room..”

Nikitaa, who has spent her recent years in LA mastering her art, is poised to be a breakthrough star on the independent music scene, creating a witty blend of sassy melodies, partnered with powerful lyrics that give added depth to each of her compositions.

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Written by Magdalena

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