Pretty Little Liars: 5 Years Forward

On a very special episode of Pretty Little Liars called ‘5 Years Forward’, the cast and the writers reveal the changes that happened in the last 5 years. Just in case you missed the episode, here is a recap of everything that happened and what you can look forward to when Pretty Little Liars return on January 12, 2016!

Aria Montgomery

Aria is in a new relationship with a guy named Liam. She goes to Georgia and decides to major in photography. While in Georgia, she finds a love in writing, so she transfers to Boston and changes her major to writing. She also finds a love in publishing and ends up working for a publisher. Aria working for a publisher is how her and Ezra get reconnected, not in a romantic way, but they start working together. Aria is in denial about a lot of things, including everything that happened in the last 5 years. After the time jump, Ezra comes back with the most emotional baggage. He finds a new love with a girl named Nicole. He follows her down to South America to live out his dream by doing “saving the world” type things. His dream is somehow taken away from him very quickly and violently. Ezra comes back to Rosewood and has no sense of who he is, and what he is suppose to do with his life. He falls into a really deep place which makes him turn to alcohol.

Spencer Hastings

Spencer goes to Georgetown and finally gets to focus on her academics without being hounded by A. She and Toby end up growing apart because they are both on two different paths in life. She ends up graduating from Georgetown and starts working on Capital Hill. Toby inherits a lot of money from when his house was blown up by A. With the money, he buys 3 acres right outside of Rosewood to start building his dream home. He is still working on the police force, but one day, he somehow walks into a robbery by accident. After he apprehends the suspect, the person that he saves is a girl named Yvonne Phillips who ends up being a very important person in his life.

Hanna Marin

Hanna moves to New York City in lives in Tribeca with Caleb. While living in New York, she studies fashion at F.I.T. Caleb ends up not going to college because “he doesn’t need to” and continues his journey in the tech world. Hanna and Caleb move into a very tiny, tiny apartment that is about the size of a shoe box. Hanna also becomes an intern for Zac Posen, goes to Europe and becomes an assistant, and comes back engaged to a guy who is not Caleb.

Emily Fields 

Emily always wanted to go as far as she could, so she moves to the west coast and goes to school in California for a little bit. While in California, she becomes a bartender. She ends up dropping out of college because she finds out that her father passes away while in the army. Emily comes back to Rosewood with the biggest secret ever, a secret that she even keeps from her friends. She also has the biggest baggage too. With 4 years without A, Emily turns out to be the most damaged out of the five girls.

Alison Dilaurentis

Alison and Jason visits Charlotte three months later at Welby State Psychiatric Hospital. Alison tries to forgive Charlotte for all of the torture, but “some things are harder than others.” Alison and Charlotte are both healing together and Alison tries trusting her through the years. While Charlotte is at the hospital, Alison ends up meeting Charlotte’s “great doctor”, Dr. Rollins. Charlotte gets better and has remarkably changed as a person. Her mindset is totally different and they say that she might even be remorseful about everything that had happened. The judge sets a hearing date for Charlotte and Alison reaches out to her best friends for them to come back home.

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Written by CelebMix