Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale dismisses leaving rumors

The starlet from the hit-drama television series ‘Pretty Little Liars’ has dismissed circulating rumors claiming she was to leave Pretty Little Liars both before her fellow co-stars and before the show reached its conclusion.

The rumors were simply originated from misconceptions and confusion. The rumor began to circulate across the mass audience that watch the hit show that claimed 6 TCA awards this week after Hale participated in a racy photo-shoot shot for V magazine claiming that this mature route is where the 26-year old wanted to head.

When asked what the future held for the 26 year old after Pretty Little Liars, Hale said “”I’ll be done next October with Pretty Little Liars forever, which is exciting, but also scary at the same time because it’s the next chapter of my life and so I’m really looking forward to exploring different and darker roles.”

Hearing Hale say that she would be finished with PLL next October inevitably caused both confusion and misconceptions to arise causing rumors to also emerge. Fans of the show were sent into frenzy as they questioned why it had suddenly emerged that Hale was to leave the show before it’s conclusion or before the rest of her co-stars.

However in a tweet Hale posted on her twitter account she dismissed all of these unsupported and misconception based rumors as she went on to write. “Just to clarify… I am not leaving PLL! All these rumors. I’m with the show until the 7th and last season.” Swiftly and professionally putting the rumors to rest.

It was later revealed that next October is in fact when they will be finishing the recording of Pretty Little Liars and that the show will continue to air, hopefully, until 2o17.

What are your opinions on Pretty Little Liars being scheduled to run for a seventh and final season after season 6 draws to a close?

Written by CelebMix