Rachael Sage Returns With Something to Keep You ‘Alive’ This Winter

Award winning NYC based Rachael Sage returns with the brand new music video for ‘Alive’, a track with an infectiously optimistic sentiment, and a chorus so catchy you’ll be humming it for days. Featuring Sage’s velvety smooth vocals and showcasing her talents as a guitarist (opposed to her piano playing, of which we are more familiar with) the track is truly beautiful.

The video, starring ‘Dancing With the Stars Juniors’ professional and ‘Dance Moms’ alumni Elliana Walmsley, is artistically superb with the movement (choreographed by Gianna Martello, also of Dance Moms) illustrating the meaning behind the lyrics perfectly.

Inspired by Sage’s lifelong love of Frida Kahlo, the video is an explosion of colour with an unapologetically free atmosphere – which is perhaps not surprising given the meaning of the song. It is a track about letting go and having the courage to live truthfully and authentically. It is empowering, and exciting, and overwhelming in just the best way.

‘Alive’ takes the listener on a journey where they are invited to imagine a brighter and happier future, and we are made to feel as though, for the first time, that imagined future could be attainable, achievable, reachable.

Check out the brand new music video below, and make sure to check Rachael out on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss what this talented multi-instrumentalist gets up to next…

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Written by Emma

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