Raluka collaborates with Killa Fonic for new music video “Dulce Otrava”

Hit Romanian singer Raluka dropped a new music video with Killa Fonic called “Dulce Otrava”.

Translated into English, the title means “Sweet Poison”, which pretty much describes collaborative sound of these two artists.

Having already hit the Romanian charts hard back in 2010, in collaboration with DJ Sava; Raluka went her own way. Her solo career initially started off well in her home country but her chart success didn’t continue.

After a short break, she returned to the music scene with songs sung in her own language. This is a whole new direction for Raluka, and it shows her progression as a singer.

This is the second time she has teamed up with Killa Fonic, previous single “Zbor” was released earlier this month.

Killa Fonic is definitely making a name for himself in Romania; one of the newcomers to hip-hop music, he is definitely one to watch.

Their vocals harmonise well together on this song. Separately, it seems a weird pairing; but together “Dulce Otrava” is a tune. You may not understand the lyrics, yet the song sounds amazing.

The video is directed by Costin Shinijikun, simply known as Shinijikun, released under Quantum Music Records. A simple visual that translates the song into a stunning love story.

Clearly a low-budgeted music video, Raluka and Killa Fonic hang out together in various areas, clearly enjoying one another’s company.

Produced by Lu-k Beats, real name Luca George, and written by Raluka, Killa Fonic, Andi Banica and Catalin Tamazllicaru; this song is catchy and emotional, perfect for the end of summer.

No known news on when the single will be available to download and stream, although Friday is a good bet.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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