Recap of America’s Got Talent Live Shows Week 3

Did you miss the third week of America’s Got Talent’s live shows? Don’t worry! We will recap everything that happened!

Vello Vaher: Contortionist

The first act to perform is Vello Vaher, who is a contortionist. For the live shows, he performed on a pirate ship. He climbed up and down the ship using only his hands! Unfortunately, Simon buzzed him, while Mel B looked shocked that Simon would do so. The act is too crazy to describe so you just need to watch it yourself!


Ronee Martin: Powerful Vocalist

The second act to perform is Ronee Martin. She sang Bill Withers’ “Lean On Me.” Three of the judges gave her a standing ovation: Heidi, Mel B, and Howie!


Kadan Bart Rockett: Kid Magician

Kadan Bart Rockett is a young magician, with his sister, Brooklyn as his assistant. Last time, Kadan sawed his sister in half, now Brooklyn gets her revenge with chainsaws! Like always, the two wowed the crowd and the judges!


Linkin’ Bridge: Quartet Acapella Group

Linkin’ Bride sang an acapella version of Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind.” Simon said that the group inspires him. His one criticism is that the group’s song choice wasn’t the best. However, Howie disagreed and said that he loved the song. He also called the quartet “beautiful.” Mel B commented that the group’s harmonies make her melt!


Alla and Daniel: Mother and Son Dancing Duo

Alla and Daniel are dancing partners who are also mother and son. They danced to DNCE’s “Cake By the Ocean,” and during their performance, Howie buzzed them. He said that their performances feel like seeing “the same thing” over and over again. Simon then buzzed Howie, showing his disagreement. Mel B said that although it was not the duo’s best performance, it was definitely “not buzzworthy.” Heidi added that she feels that there is something really special about Alla and Daniel. She hopes people realize that and votes for them.


Blake Vogt: Magician

Blake Vogt is a magician who has 109 different allergies. Due to his allergies, he stayed inside his house and played cards with his grandmother. Eventually, he turned simple card games into elaborate magic tricks. For his act, Blake incorporated his allergies into it! We know it sounds crazy, but you just need to see it for yourself!


Edgar: Singing Family Trio

Edgar is a family singing trio with an inspiring story. They sang James Taylor’s “You’ve Got A Friend.” Heidi called their performance “heartwarming” and “beautiful.” Simon said they were fantastic and liked their song choice. Mel B said their performance was “spot on” and “perfect.”


Julia Scotti: 63-Year-Old Comedian

Julia Scotti is a 63-year-old comedian from Whiting, New Jersey. She made jokes about her dating life. Simon called her “naughty.” Howie said that Julia owned the stage and deserves to be in this competition. Mel B added that she is rooting for Julia!


Brian Justin Crum: Singer With Huge Talent

Brian Justin Crum sang “In The Air Tonight” by  Phil Collins. He received a standing ovation from all four of the judges! The whole theater was on their feet as well! Simon said that Brian takes a song and really makes it his own. He also said that Brian continues to get better and better after each performance. Heidi called it the best act of the night, while Howie only had one word for Brian’s performance: epic.


Malevo: Dance Group

Malevo consists of an all-men group from Argentina. They dance and play the drums! Malevo received a standing ovation from all four of the judges! Mel B screamed and called the guys “hot” and full of energy! Simon thought they were “outstanding” and predicts a headlining show in Vegas for the group!


The Passing Zone: Juggling Duo

The Passing Zone consists of Jon Wee and Owen Morse. They are both fathers who call themselves “normal guys.” They have also been juggling partners for 28 years! Their act for the live shows involved three of the judges: Heidi, Howie, and Mel B! The duo juggled the judges, who were dressed as astronauts. Heidi loved being involved in the performance, while Mel B found it terrifying.


Grace VanderWaal: 12-Year-Old Ukulele Player

Grace VanderWaal is a fan favorite! Her audition went viral on Facebook and has over 100 MILLION views! For the live shows, Grace came back with another original song dedicated to her sister, who she calls her best friend. The song is called “Beautiful Thing.” Simon previously called her “the next Taylor Swift,” but Howie predicts that she will be even “bigger than Taylor Swift!”


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Written by Michele Mendez

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