REVIEW: Dusky Grey at London’s Camden Assembely

Dusky Grey are a welsh pop duo who headlined London’s Camden Assembely last night (17th November).

Kate Lomas kicked off the show playing her recent songs getting the young crowd singing and dancing. She played a selection of her own songs including her newest single ‘Leave Out The Lows’. This song was her last song and it really got the crowd dancing with them eventually singing the lyrics of the catchy tune back to Kate.

Hannah Jane Lewis was next to perform and after following Kate it was hard to top. Hannah brought great energy to the stage performing her newest single ‘Do It Without You’. Her songs kept the energy in the room still getting the excited crowd singing and dancing. She also performed many of her other songs but the crowd particularly liked ‘RainCheck’.

Now it was the wait for Dusky Grey. The crowd were screaming and waiting for the moment the lights went down to watch the duo. Dusky Grey come onto the stage performing ‘Call Me Over’, which the crowd knew all of the words to. The next song to be performed was ‘Joyride’ which included a dance from the duo during the beat drop, the crowd then started copying the dance and were joining in with Dusky Grey. The pair then performed a song which no one has heard before, ‘Get Easy’. Dusky Grey always wanted the audience to be involved so during the last chorus of ‘Get Easy’ the duo got the crowd to repeat back to them the lyrics of the song.


They then spoke to the crowd telling us that the next song they are going to perform is the first song they ever wrote together, ‘Told Me’. After this song Dusky Grey spike again to the audience saying that when they started music it was just them two so they wanted to play a song where everything was unplugged, which meant the audience had to be quiet. The song they performed was ‘Smoke’, this was a song which Geth played his guitar to and Catty sung her heart out for. They then played one of their biggest hits ‘One Night’ they brought the energetic tempo back into the room; this song was the first song they wrote when they moved to London.

Much to the fans dissapointment the next song, ‘Don’t Worry’ was one of the last for the evening. It is about even though you are having a bad day do not worry because everything will be okay. This ended with Dusky Grey leaving the stage. The crowd was screaming “one last song!” Luckily they listened to the crowd and come back with an encore of ‘Little Bit’ which was an amazing song to finish with.

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Written by Indiatabony

I am 20 and I love attending concerts and listening to my favourite artists latest music. I am studying festivals and events at university, events management is my passion.
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