REVIEW: Mission impossible: Rogue Nation

Finally, a film that delivers! The fifth instalment of the Mission Impossible saga, sees the IMF under threat of being disbanded by the CIA, whilst trying to tackle its biggest threat so far: The Syndicate.

I included this feature in one of my previous pieces, Five Films We Think You Should See, and today it has proven its worth by the bucketload.

Tom Cruise is flawless in reprising his role as unstoppable agent, Ethan Hunt, his faithful peers once again standing by his side, and together a true force of nature is created. The film maintains its fast-pace throughout, opening the feature with its biggest stunt; the Cruiser can literally do anything! The action is dramatic, the humour is witty and the camaraderie is heart-felt.

I lost count of the amount of twists, turns and tricks this movie contained, despite being over two hours in length, I never once felt the urge to check the time and have my thoughts wander elsewhere. The support cast provided such a strength to the movie’s backbone with Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames and Jeremy Renner all delivering the necessary sleekness, class and humour that a spy thriller needs.

New addition, Rebecca Ferguson, stood out the most for me; playing Agent Faust. She was engaging the minute she walked on screen and it was so refreshing to see a female character not just be there to function for a romance element. She was an integral part of the action, and a focal point of the story.

Director, Christopher McQuarrie, has created a true masterpiece to be marvelled at by cinema-goers across the countries. The plot was complex, yet no time was wasted on unnecessary explanations, because the visuals themselves provided aesthetically-pleasing explanations. The camerawork was intricate and invasive, so as to make us feel integrated within all the high speed car chases, shootouts and general arse-kicking that went on.

For all the Mission Impossible fans out there, it definitely doesn’t disappoint…

Written by CelebMix