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RISING: Prince Woods Unveils New Single “Butterfly”

At CelebMix, we take pleasure in exploring the world of music, captivating new tunes and presenting our readers with up-and-coming artists who display the potential of establishing themselves in the main leagues in the future through their profound lyricism to velvety vocals to heart-stirring melodies and spectacular soundscapes.

And there’s one such rising artist caught on our CelebMix radar, Prince Woods.

Indiana boy at heart, Prince Woods celebrates the dawn of a new era as he unveiled his brand new single release “Butterfly.” Inspired by the conception of turning dreams into reality and enjoying the journey that comes with being a producer, the artist proudly showcases his eclectic music style, shedding light on his musical roots, creative abilities, and artistic versatility.

Credits: Artwork via DKP/ Prince Woods

As his Spotify description states, “Bad music and Levi’s fuel this kid like cheap tequila on prom night.” Woods ventured off to LA to become the Nickelback of electronic music. “Butterfly” is a perfect example of pop music blending with electronics, creating a dreamy ambience and hypnotic trance you’d never want to leave.

With the newest single, Prince Woods packs vibrant melodies with velvety vocals, siphoning a borderline retro vibe, becoming reminiscent of evocative artists like Hellogoodbye, Owl City or Metro Station. When asked about his new single, he said,

After taking some time off to re-center and find inspiration, I couldn’t be happier to release “Butterfly.” It’s not your typical electronic music track, but I wanted to create something that really spoke to who I am as an artist. Plenty more music on the way, enjoy :)

Prince Woods on “new “Butterfly”
Image Credits: DKP/ Prince Woods

“Butterfly” marks a comeback single for the artist who engages 75,000+ monthly listeners collectively on his streaming platforms and the numbers only continue to grow. With a beautiful discography exemplifying the talents of the singer, the brand-new track solidifies Prince Woods as an artist who is determined to show the world what he’s about.

After taking a year-long break and re-centring his thoughts and musical vision, the long-time producer is now focusing prominently on his songwriting and vocals, which garnered the names of several esteemed individuals in the industry. Be on the lookout for some killer Prince Woods records in the coming months and years.

Listen to “Butterfly” by Prince Woods here! It’s available to stream on all digital streaming platforms.

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Written by Khushboo Malhotra

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