Sam Callahan Releases New Single & Music Video “Stitches And Scars”

We have a brand new single and music video from Sam Callahan, titled “Stitches And Scars”; and, it is set to empower you in every single way. This is one of those songs that easily gets stuck in your head. The track sees him take it back to his routes, and we are completely loving it. It is the follow-up to the single “Say Something”.

Sam Callahan is best known for being a contestant on the tenth series of The X Factor, where he was mentored by Louis Walsh, going through to the live shows where he ultimately came seventh. He dipped in the music industry before his time on The X Factor, where he released two singles, “Runaway Train” and “Crazy”. Following The X Factor, he tried various different routes from forming a rock band, to releasing a club track titled “I Love It When You”, which followed up the three-track EP “Bigger Things”. Over the past two years, he’s been releasing catchy tracks that we can’t stop listening to, first up was “Burns Like Fire” and then earlier this year was the release of “Say Something“.

He sure has been on quite the journey and it’s no steady climb to make it in the music industry, but Sam Callahan continues to prove he is a fighter and this track proves it too. Written by himself, Sam Callahan has a tonne of inspiring lyrics in the track, sending out strength to every single listener. The song was produced by Jamie Sellers, while the incredibly engaging music video has been directed by Sam Callahan and Gareth Mangan.

In the description of the music video, Sam Callahan talks about the inspiration behind the track and visual, this is what he said:

Hey guys, so ‘Stitches and Scars’ is about a really tough time I had at one stage in my life. I had made some stupid decisions, I’d forgotten and neglected some responsibilities that I’d had and it had put me in a really bad place mentally. At the time I was moping around a lot feeling sorry for myself and walking around staring at my feet in a very negative mood and that is quite simply not how I roll!

Generally as a person, I’m super positive, very motivated and have a wicked out look on life, even at times when most people would not! My brother turned around to me at the time having noticed my struggle and told me this: ‘You could have not made that decision, you could have not made those mistakes, you could be less wild and less like you. You could be more boring, more preserved and you could never step out of line, but thats not you and we love you for who you are! It is your imperfections that make you who you are and you need to stop beating yourself up and own them!’

This really resonated with me at the time, it made me realise that I had to get myself out of this hole I was in and those words he said to me that day were the reason that I wrote this song and even show themselves in the music here and there. At the end of the chorus the song sings, ‘Would I really be me without my stitches and scars?’ and THAT in a nutshell is what my brother taught me that day, we have to accept who we are and own it!

We all have our own faults and imperfections but all in all they are what make us unique and we should choose to own those imperfections and use them to our advantage for our own greater good!

The whole crux of the song is based on getting up again after hard knocks, over coming the hurdles that you might face in your career or just in life on a day to day basis too.

Everybody has something that they have to overcome and most have things they want to achieve in life too. Personally, I believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to, you just have to work hard, be yourself and believe!

Watch Sam Callahan’s Music Video For “Stitches And Scars” Here:

We have to admit, Sam Callahan has definitely come a long way since “Runaway Train”; this brand new track certainly takes us back to his routes when he dropped that single, alongside two covers, one of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and Calvin Harris’ “We’ll Be Coming Back” which originally featured Example – we adored the latter track and the emotion that Sam Callahan poured into it all those years back can still be found today in this incredible single, only much more so.

Lyrically, it tells a story of how he knows he isn’t perfect but it’s those imperfections and those decisions from the past that makes him who he is. As for his voice, we believe no other artist in the world will ever be able to convey these incredible words the way Sam Callahan does in this song; it’s no surprise that he wrote the track himself because every single word can be felt by the listeners. Since we first heard this track, we haven’t been able to stop listening to it over and over again.

In regards to the music video, it totally relates to the song. The main scene throughout is watching Sam Callahan walking the streets, occasionally playing his guitar, leading the way to a car park. At the end, he lights up a purple smoke flare and lets it off at the top of the car park.

There’s a slight narrative throughout, which sees four professionals prove that training, hard work, and determination allows you to succeed in life – talk about resonating deeply with everyone who is fighting for their dreams in the world. It completely relatable and it’s great to watch professional MMA Fighter, Mike ‘Pretty Boy’ Hales, professional gymnast, Sophie Brace, British MX Championship contender, Tommy Lee Morris, and, world champion minibike racer, Robbie Daly, all have self-belief and prove to the world that they can do what they put their minds to. We look forward to seeing these professionals continue their awesome careers – just like Sam Callahan will.

“Stitches And Scars” is available to download and stream right now, through Mean Recordings. We can’t wait to see what Sam Callahan releases next.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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