Sergiu Bolota Releases New Single “Un nou inceput” And Enters Romania’s National Selection Show For Eurovision 2019

We have a brand new single from Sergiu Bolota and he has also entered it into Romania’s national selection show for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. “Un nou inceput” is his catchy Romanian ballad track, that means “A new beginning” in English, which has true potential of going all the way in Selectia Nationala. A lyric video was dropped alongside the release of the single. This song follows-up his single “Monstri”

Sergiu Bolota is a male singer-songwriter from Romania who has been making his name known for entering Romania’s national selection show for Eurovision over the past few years. His top song and most-streamed song is “We Were Young” which was a favourite amongst Eurovision fans during the Romanian national selection show Selectia Nationala. It was written by Eurovision 2015 contestant Stig Rästa, but things didn’t go to plan. He returned to the show in 2018 with the song “Every Little Thing” which also became a fan-favourite, but he just missed out on qualifying for the final, after coming fourth in Semi-Final 5. He was quoted, back when he promoted his single “Tell Me“, as saying about Selectia Nationala 2019: “I would really like to write a song for someone, but I don’t think I want to participate as a singer this year.” But, after thinking it through, he’s changed his mind and this awesome new song is something we adore and can so see doing well in the contest.

Talking about entering Romania’s national selection show, again, Sergiu Bolota said: “Fear has been the biggest enemy in my career. It has destroyed my self-confidence and opportunities. It’s so weird: when I’m singing at my concerts, I have no problems, but when I’m on TV, I am almost breathless. Because I know that at my concerts, people come to enjoy the music. On TV, people will judge me. So I have a choice: to stay in my comfort zone or try becoming a better performer. That’s why I decided to enter the Selectia Nationala again. Was my performance from last year better than the one from 2017? Yes. Was there any room for improvement? Of course.”

The song has been written by Sergiu Bolota, himself, while Catalin Ivascu acted as producer and pianist. As for the lyric video, that has been created by Ghost Media Sibiu, whilst it has been sponsored by Madame Pogany, Bucharest. This awesome male singer-songwriter has also translated the lyrics into English and placed them in the description of the video.

Watch The Lyric Video To Sergiu Bolota’s New Single “Un nou inceput” Here:

The lyrics of the song has so much depth as they depict someone who is losing themselves in their life, they need something better, they deserve a better life, a new beginning. Even without the translation of the lyrics, Sergiu Bolota drives home the message of the song with his awesome vocals that are filled with more passion and emotion than we’ve ever heard from him before. This ballad is completely powerful and will certainly be well received during the national selection show – this song could certainly win as it’s simply wow!

As for the lyric video, we watch Sergiu Bolota perform the track whilst a handwriting font displays the lyrics of the track. It’s a very clean and crisp lyric video, and it’s great to see Sergiu Bolota relaxed when performing the track whilst digging deep to display what this song means to him.

“Un nou inceput” is available to download and stream right now.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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